It’s Captain Britain’s “sidekick” Spider-UK in this weeks Amazing Spider-Man 9 as Spider-Verse kicks off

Following on from Amazing Spider-Man issue 7, this weeks Amazing Spider-Man issue 9 see’s the launch of Spider-Verse starring Spider-UK from the Captain Britain Corps.

This new Spider-Man event Spider-Verse sees Spider-Villain Morlun and his group of evil side kicks called The Inheritors set out to kill every single version of Spider-Man that exists across the Marvel multiverse. Spider-UK when we last saw him was travelling across the dimensions to help Spidey fight the good fight.

I don’t want to say too much in case folks are avoiding spoilers so if you haven’t read this weeks Amazing Spider-Man issue 9 please don’t continue to read past the picture below.

Amazing Spider Man 9 Spider Uk

So despite there being multiple versions of Spider-Man in this weeks Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-UK instead of being relegated to the sidelines actually plays a major part in the story.

The reason behind Spider-UK’s almost headline role is that Spider-Man doesn’t know what’s going on; so Spider-UK after this sterling entrance helping Spidey stop a bank robbery….

Amazing Spider Man 9 Spider UK

…quickly becomes the go to person to explain whats going on.

Amazing Spider Man 9 Spider UK 2

And no your eyes on not deceiving you that is Spider-Ham you can see. Anyway as the forces of good gather it seems even Spider-Man’s sense of humor can’t stop Spider-UK from making sure everyone knows what’s happening, and generally looking like he is in charge.

Amazing Spider Man 9 Spider UK 3

So Spider-Verse’s first installment sees Spider-UK stepping up and not being just drawn into the background as I feared, whether this will continue or even if he will survive his first encounter with Morlun is something that we will have to wait to see. My hopes are high for Spider-UK to continue to play a big role in this event as he is certainly unique among the Spider ensemble, and also because I really want him to meet Captain Britain for some team-up/sidekick shenanigans.

It’s really is a great time for Captain Britain as our hero takes – almost – center stage in the Avenger’s current event, Time Runs Out – covered here and here, plus Spider-UK makes his debut. It’s great to see both characters taking their rightful place in the Marvel Universe, and here’s hoping after the events are over we get a Cap and Spider-UK mini or even an ongoing series.

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