Captain Britain across the multiverse, part 1

Captain Britain is a great hero, but he’s not that unique in the superhero world. Why? Well, if you take a look across the many different comics universes that exist there are plenty of heroes who have influenced Captain Britain or been influenced by him. So I thought it would be interesting to cast an eye across this multiverse of superheroes and see what other UK heroes we could find.

union jack1

Let’s start with Marvel Comic’s Union Jack, who on first examination bears a very close resemblance to Cap from his name to his costume, however if Captain Britain is comparable on a super power level to Superman then Union Jack is more like Batman. Unlike Batman though many heroes have worn the Union Jack costume one who even fought alongside Captain Britain in the Knights of Pendragon series.


Talking of Superman, in the Elseworlds graphic novel entitled True Brit by John Cleese and Kim Howard Johnson we get to see what might have happened if Superman had crashed in England and been raised as a UK citizen. The book is loved by some as a unique take on Superman, and hated by others due to what they feel are the outdated stereotypes it portrays. If I can ever overcome my dislike of the majority of Superman stories I might read it some day and give you my opinion.

Knight and Squire

DC Comic’s Knight and Squire are their UK version of Batman and Robin, whose modern versions were created by Grant Morrison – more from him later –  based on old DC characters. The UK writer influence doesn’t end there as Captain Britain scribe Paul Cornell wrote a magnificent mini series about them, which should be still available. Sadly after the DC Universe reboot Knight was killed off, but still when has death ever been permanent in comics.

Astro City Lion and the Unicorn

I don’t have much information on Kurt Busiek’s UK heroes Lion and the Unicorn from his Astro City series other than the picture above. However outside of DC and Marvel Busiek’s creator owned ongoing series is to me one of the best superhero universes ever created, and if you have never read any my advice is get stuck in immediately and make up for all that lost time.

captain granbretan by Grant Morrison

Marvel’s Captain Granbretan was created by Grant Morrison for a backup text piece in Captain Britain weekly. The story sees Paul Peltier find a strange suit on Darkmoor which he hopes to exploit to make money as a superhero, sadly the suit is sentient and kills Peltier and carries on utilizing his body to fight crime. However the suit soon consumes all of its owners remains so is forced to return to Darkmoor hoping someone will find it again soon.

Join me soon for more UK influenced superheroes from the obscure to the mega popular all of who have in my opinion influenced or been influenced by Captain Britain.

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