When Captain Britain and ROM crossed over.

Years ago when I was a bigger Captain Britain comic collector than I was now I used to love to chase down Cap crossovers. As this was before the internet reared its silicon head my bible for all things Cap was the Overstreet comics pricing guide.

Overstreet was my guide of choice as among its many listings it often took the time to tell the reader if a certain character could be found in another comic. Armed with the guide I bought if I remember correctly Ambush Bug comics that were reputed to have Cerebus the Aardvark in, issues of 2000AD which featured the Sisters Of Mercy and issue 65 of ROM which the guide swore blind had a Captain Britain appearance.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of ROM, does this help?

Rom 65

Check out that great line up, Mantlo, Ditko and P.Craig Russell, but enough of that you want to see Captain Britain, so here he is.

Captain Britain in Rom 65

Yes appearing with Sinbad and Captain Ireland aka Shamrock, Cap rushes to help ROM fight the evil wraiths. To be honest it looks like Cap was caught out by the call to arms as he has forgotten his star sceptre, but it does look like he has been working out, so he should have no trouble in the fight? Well we’ll never know, as the panel above is the only time you see Captain Britain in ROM 65.

Do I care that I bought a comic to see Captain Britain and he is only in one panel? No, as if I remember correctly it cost about ten pence, which was hardly bank breaking then, and ROM is a fun read.

Sadly ROM was never reprinted due to copyright and ownership concerns, which means you can only hunt down the issue via eBay or back issue bins. It also means we will never get to see reprinted the issue of ROM where he teams up with Luke Cage in a sort of Shaft meets Robocop crossover.

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