Chris Claremont talks Captain Britain/Excalibur movie

Over on the Hollywood Reporter website, X-Men scribe and Captain Britain creator Chris Claremont has been talking Marvel movies, and has stated his opinion on a Captain Britain/Excalibur film.

Talk turned to Cap and Excalibur when Claremont was asked about possible directions for new Marvel films, to which he replied:

” With Excalibur, you have the option of leaping literally out of this world – I mean they have a pan-dimensional train, for heaven’s sake – to other star systems or possibly even other dimensions.”

chris claremont and captain britain

With Claremont behind a possible Captain Britain/Excalibur movie it raises this blog’s hopes that one day Cap might come to movie theatres. The use of Excalibur as a vehicle to launch a Cap franchise is a great idea as they can literally travel anywhere and do anything, leaving scripting possibilities wide open.

Maybe the film will be like my previous speculation on what a Captain Britain movie might be like which you can read here or here.

What do you think of Claremont’s views? Do you want an Excalibur movie? Sound off in the comments below.

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