Captain Britain in Avengers 39. Let the ass kicking commence.

Our coverage of Captain Britain in Avengers Time Runs Out continues today with Cap popping up in Avengers issue 39. Things have been a bit quiet for Captain Britain in this Marvel event, but today he’s back with a bang.

Please be aware this article includes spoilers for this week’s Avengers 39, if you haven’t read the issue yet then do not carry on reading after the picture.

Avengers 39 Captain Britain


This whole issue is the fight followers of Time Runs Out have been waiting for as the Illuminati square up against SHIELD, and boy was it worth the wait.

Reed Richards lures SHIELD to a combat zone of the Illuminati’s choosing and allows his fellow members Captain Britain included to just kick ass, but what’s Cap armed with.

Avengers 39 Captain Britain and Excalibur


Is that Excalibur ? I think so but regardless Cap puts it too good use.

Avengers 39 Captain Britain and Excalibur 2

The narration is Reed Richard’s commentary as he sends the Illuminati into what basically ends up as SHIELD getting the crap beaten out of them, but back to Cap.

It’s hard to see in this issue but he still seems to me to have only one eye. though he has taken time to trim his beard. As for Excalibur we know Cap is a powerhouse so why he chooses to use the sword over his super powers isn’t made clear, unless it’s to prevent the loss of innocent life – SHIELD robots being the exception!

All this and a great cliffhanger ending add up to another great installment of Time Runs Out, with Captain Britain due to feature heavily in Avengers 30 – covered here – I’m loving the series and the Cap love.

Is that Excalibur Cap is armed with ? Are you enjoying Avengers Time Runs Out? let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Captain Britain in Avengers 39. Let the ass kicking commence.

  1. Sure looks like Excalibur, although he summoned it more akin to the Soul Sword. Might be the Sword of Might if all the other Captain Britain’s are dead Albion would no longer have it.


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