The 5 Captain Britain New Year’s resolutions Marvel must make.

2014 was a good year for Captain Britain, as he was thrust back into the comics limelight due to his intriguing appearance in the current Avengers event Time Runs Out. But what does 2015 hold in store for Cap?

Well wonder no longer, as I’m here to help Marvel make 2015 the year of Captain Britain with some handy new year’s resolutions, that if Marvel make them will mean 2015 is Cap’s best year yet.

Resolution number one

2014 proved people like reading comics with Captain Britain in so surely it’s time Marvel realised he needs his own series or a team book – Excalibur reunion anyone? Whatever the format of the book and whether it’s a mini or ongoing series a strong writer/artist team will be required. After his great success last year relaunching Moon Knight I would love Warren Ellis to return to writing Captain Britain, team him with the visual brilliance of Alan Davis and any new Cap comic would surely fly off the stands.

Captain Britain relaunch cover

Captain Britain’s new title imagined by Ben Wilsonham.

Resolution number two.

With Marvel planning a massive cinematic assault in 2015 and beyond surely they could find room for Captain Britain somewhere? OK I admit currently Cap might not have enough punch to carry his own film, but a cameo in Avengers 2 would stir the public interest and help publicise the first resolution. I can picture how the cameo might work, as a global threat envelops the Earth the Avengers notice London is under attack. However they don’t panic, as they announce to the audience the UK has its own Avenger, cue Captain Britain.

Resolution number three

If Cap debuts as a result of resolution one or two then Marvel must decide if he needs a fancy new set of super hero threads to do it in. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of Cap’s current look, but a cool new suit emblazoned on comic book covers and movie posters wouldn’t do any harm. Marvel could even hold a competition to see who can come up with the best redesign or trawl the wealth of Cap art and designs on deviantART – as long as they credit the original artist!

Resolution number four.

However Cap appears in 2015 Marvel need to be aware that any attempt to reintroduce the blundering Cap that sometimes graced Excalibur is not wanted. Fans know Captain Britain is a physics genius, and any new writer needs to understand this and be intelligent enough to exploit it story wise, hence the choice for resolution one of Warren Ellis for this role.

Resolution number five.

Whether Cap reappears in a team book or a solo title he is going to need a solid supporting cast to fight the good fight with. Marvel’s first Cap team-mate should be none other than his wife Meggan, and please note NightCrawler is not required to appear unless it’s to apologise for his lechery over Cap’s good lady wife during his Excalibur tenure. It might be intriguing to see Cap’s cast grow by his attempting to rehabilitate his mad brother Jamie, catch up with Inspector Thomas or crossing swords with any of his old Seventies foes.

Jamie Braddock by Alan Davis

So here’s hoping Marvel are paying attention and follow these five simple resolutions in 2015 to make it the year Captain Britain is embraced by fans old and new. Agree, disagree or have any Captain Britain resolutions of your own? Then why not leave me a note in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “The 5 Captain Britain New Year’s resolutions Marvel must make.

  1. I wouldn’t mind references to Captain Britain in Agents of SHIELD too, since they have a tentative connection already with Lance Hunter (even if wildly different from STRIKE one). But yeah, in a world with Jessica Jones, Agent Carter and Daredevil joining the MCU – there needs to be references to our Cap – leading to an appearance


  2. Some good resolutions, although I feel, and have always felt that Alan Davis needs to be convinced to return as both artist and writer for further Captain Britain adventures. His work on Cap and his supporting cast is second to none. Failing that, I think that Rick Remender could be a good choice as writer. His four issue Captain Britain/Otherworld arc in Uncanny X-Force showed a good grasp of Cap and his supporting cast.

    I’m not convinced about a new costume. This has been tried before and things always changed back to the Alan Davis costume. Both that and Cap’s original costume can’t be beaten. Although I do have a soft spot for the redesign by Ian Churchill that was only used on an unpublished cover a Captain Britain limited series.


    • Your correct in that costumes come and go and Davis’ Cap design is always the goto default that is used. I still favour a new Cap look but know that within six months the old garb will be back 😉

      As for Remender on Cap I keep forgetting he wrote him for some time, an interesting idea.


      • I liked the fact that Remender included things like the circuitry in Captain Britain’s costume, in his Secret Avengers run. And also introduced the “stealth” mode. I think he has the best grasp on Captain Britain for a long time.

        We need to get rid of that “powers linked to confidence” crap that bloody Paul Cornell came up with. Stupidest idea ever.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. I have a theory about Captain Britain and MI13 (as EIS) being already in the MCU thanks to very subtle hints on maps in Agents of SHIELD and the UK allies


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