Forget Star Wars sometimes you just want to see Captain Britain punch Dracula in the face.

With this weeks Avengers Time Runs Out issue being 100% Captain Britain free, and everyone discussing the new Star Wars comic I thought I might take a moment to reflect on just how great Cap is.

So from Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI13 issue 15, brilliantly illustrated by Leonard Kirk comes this great two panel sequence of Captain Britain punching Dracula in the face.

First the warning

Captain Britain and Dracula

Then Kablammy straight to Dracula’s kisser.

Captain Britain punches Dracula

That’s all for now I need to get back to editing the next review for my new feature, see you soon.

Oh and for the record I quite enjoyed Marvel’s new Star Wars number one, Jason Aaron delivers a great story and John Cassady illustrates it beautifully.

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4 thoughts on “Forget Star Wars sometimes you just want to see Captain Britain punch Dracula in the face.

  1. I hated everything about Paul Cornell’s terrible version of Captain Britain. I felt that he didn’t understand the character at all, and don’t even get me started on the crap new uniform or the abysmal “my powers are linked to my confidence” bollocks.

    Thank God Rick Remender came along and reset some this mess in Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers.

    Having said that, it is good to see a counter balance to everyone going on about that Star Wars comic this week. Never been a fan. For me it’s always been about Battlestar Galactica.


  2. Cornell’s run was great. I would argue that Brian’s powers being linked to confidence could be interpreted as always being the case. First example I can think of is when Cap and Cap America meet and fight. Cap B declares A to be an imposter and gains the upper hand (he can’t believe he could take on the real Steve Rogers!). Then there’s Cap vs Hawk Lord, he can’t believe someone he trusted (and built a robotic hawk for) and it takes him a while to fight back.

    Then Alan Moore… Jackdaw dies a distraught Cap goes from pillar to post in the mad world of Jim Jaspers and is vapourised by The Fury. He is remade by Merlin who implies that he needed to go through this to prepare his mind for what is about to come. He wins out eventually after it all (with the help of Captain UK). Both show that anger works for increasing thier power at this time too. Anger clouds out doubt after all.

    Then Excalibur and the whole “blunder” hex. Was it something that Roma did or was it something she told him that was removed to boost his confidence for the coming battle? Consider it: his twin sister is “dead” his future wife is showing an attraction to another man, a 14 year old is better with computers than him a man who reprogrammed an evil bio-computer and Rachel is the teams powerhouse. Brian is despondant and can’t function as a hero. Roma salves that issue by taking responsabilty for his heroic failings off of him and says he CAN do it. A confidence boost via a lie. Take the fact he managed to break Nightcrawlers leg – not something just anyone can do and certainly not something a blunder hexed Brian would be capable of, once again anger clears out his doubt.

    Of course then there is Meggan who is of course influenced by him but influences him in turn. Is she there because the master manipulator wants her to be to make him the greatest of all Captains?

    I could go with more examples but this comment is long enough…


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