Captain Britain will be in Secret Wars

Marvel has recently released its interactive Battleworld map  highlighting the many worlds its major event Secret Wars will cover – curious then please click here.

Please note you might not be able to see the map if you are browsing on a phone.

The map reveals the involvement of Captain Britain or the Captain Britain Corps in the event, as if you click on the area named Higher Avalon Captain Britain appears.

Have a look below – click for a bigger picture.

Secret Wars Battlemap Captain Britain 2

Even more revealing is if you click to discover more Ultimate Captain Britain gets a mention, now Marvel have stated Secret Wars will merge the Marvel Universe with the Ultimate one, so will we see two Captain Britains? Two Caps could lead to some problems as the Ultimate Captain Britain is Brian Braddock’s brother Jamie who in the regular Marvel Universe is quite insane.

Also Marvel are using a picture of Cap which doesn’t match his current appearance in Avengers Time Runs Out.

Captain Britain New Avengers 30


So will Captain Britain get his eye back and have a shave for Secret Wars, who knows?

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2 thoughts on “Captain Britain will be in Secret Wars

  1. It’s good to see Captain Britain being used in a big Marvel event like Secret Wars, but I’m not a big fan of Jonathan Hickman and as he’s so casually thrown the whole concept of the Captain Britain Corps. on the scrapheap I do worry what his plans are.

    I’ve mentioned before that I hate the whole eye patch, beard thing that they’ve now saddled Captain Britain with, so I hope there is a reset planned for that.

    It seems that there are new titles in the works spinning out of Secret Wars. A new Captain Britain book would be great. Provided they manage to pick the right creative team.


    • I like Hickman’s Cap as he has thrust him back in the public eye – pun totally intended – dependant on what occurs in Secret Wars I’m sure Marvel will launch a host of new titles, lets hope Caps among them.


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