What Captain Britain comics could we expect after Secret Wars?

With the exciting news breaking last week that Captain Britain will appear in the Marvel event Secret Wars mine and many more of his fan’s thoughts are now concentrated on three things.

First: Will Captain Britain survive Secret Wars?

Second: If he does survive what state will he and his supporting cast be in?

Third: After Secret Wars will we see a new Captain Britain comic, and if so what form will it take?

Today I’m going to speculate on the third of the above thoughts and list seven comic ideas and one actual announced title that should feature Captain Britain, and grace the shelves of any comic book store post Secret Wars. Please remember if I kid I do so out of love.

1. All New Avengers: This title is one hundred percent set to launch after Secret Wars the only missing information being the cast, now Captain Britain is actually an Avenger so it would be great to see him on the roster here. Of course just being an Avenger is no guarantee you will end up on the team, but it would be great to see Cap in one of Marvel’s premier titles even if he wasn’t in every issue.

Captain Britain becomes an Avenger

2. All New International Avengers: From now on the title ideas are purely the results of my speculation, but wouldn’t it be great if Marvel launched an international Avengers team and wouldn’t it be even better if Captain Britain was the leader. I can see this title being similar to DC’s Justice League International or Justice League Europe with a rota of non USA affiliated heroes joining together to fight evil.

3. All New Secret Avengers: While Captain Britain might be too well-known to take part in espionage work his alter ego Brian Braddock might be well placed to serve. He could be the team’s scientific advisor/mission planner directing the operations from the Secret Avengers secret lair, a sort of male counterpart to DC’s Amanda Waller, or perhaps not.

4. All New Captain Britain: If Cap does get a new title this is the odds on favorite, however I don’t want to see just him in action as this title lends itself to the appearance of his wife Meggan as well. Could they be the new Sapphire and Steel or would their adventures be firmly grounded in traditional superhero territory? Why not a bit of both.

Captain Britain 14 Captain britain punch out

So far we have seen some pretty safe bets as to how Captain Britain might appear in a comic post Secret Wars, the next four are bit more “odd” but to me all are workable ideas. Read on and see what you think.

5. The Braddock/Captain Britain Academy: Similar in tone to Lee and Kirby’s X-Men or Wolverine and the X-Men this title would see Cap and Meggan as head master and mistress of a training school for new superheroes, think Hogwarts but with capes not brooms. Old friends such as Dai Thomas or Pete Wisdom might join them as tutors, and perhaps reformed villains such as Hurricane or Joshua Stragg might also make an appearance.

6. Captain Britain Squared: Secret Wars is bringing together the traditional Marvel universe along with all of the heroes from its Ultimate counterpart. To fully take advantage of this why not a new Cap comic where our Cap teams up with his Ultimate counterpart – Jamie Braddock – in a sort of misunderstood cop/buddy movie type way. OK Ultimate Cap is a little on the grim side, but I’m sure a few days or even hours in the company of our Cap would bring a smile to his grizzled face.

Jamie Braddock as Ultimate Captain Britain

Jamie Braddock as Ultimate Captain Britain

7. Captain Britain and the Captain Britain Corps: Providing the Corps survive Secret Wars they might be in such a state that Roma calls on Cap and Meggan to help reorganize them. Think a clash of old school ideas from Roma set off against Cap and Meggan’s new school of superhero thinking, oh and Spider-UK if he’s still alive will be a team fixture.

8. Who you gonna call…the Braddocks! : Imagine a team dedicated solely to solving weird spooky superhero crimes – a sort of cross between Ghostbusters and Scooby-Doo – then you have the idea behind this comic. Brian, Meggan, his brother Jamie and sister Betsy investigate supernatural shenanigans guided from their base at Braddock Manor by the super computer Mastermind. Oh and Widget will not be required to fill any sort of Scrappy-Doo role at all, ever, period.

no widget

So there you have one definite and seven speculative ideas for Captain Britain comic book appearances post Secret Wars, I’m routing for Who you gonna call, but it’s more than likely we will see Cap in Avengers or his own solo title – providing he lives.

If you have any ideas on how Marvel should market Captain Britain after Secret Wars then let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “What Captain Britain comics could we expect after Secret Wars?

  1. I would dearly LOVE to see Elizabeth/Betsy pried away from the X-teams and put back in her proper environment with her family, and exploring things with her original background, her STRIKE skillet being a Braddock instead of just another “mutant d’jour”… (And for her sake, late Jamie revert her back to her original British self!!)


  2. A new solo Captain Britain series would be really welcome. But most recent launches from Marvel, that stray too far from being tied into their movie franchise, such as Ghost Rider, The Invaders, X-Factor and New Warriors, have barely lasted a year until they get cancelled.

    But it’s definitely time for Captain Britain to get back in the spotlight. Paul Cornell totally screwed up Captain Britain’s last series, so a better, back to basics approach would be much more welcome. Include, Roma, Saturnyne, Captain Britain Corps, Gatecrasher and the Technet, etc. All the supporting cast and mythology that makes Captain Britain unique.

    But having Captain Britain as part of an Avengers group would also be welcome. Rick Remender’s Secret Avengers didn’t have a long enough run. A team that included Captain Britain, Ant-Man, Giant-Man and the original Human Torch. I’d love to see more of that line up.

    Whatever happens, I want Captain Britain to survive Secret Wars, lose the bloody beard and get his eye back. Very few writers give Captain Britain the respect that he deserves (especially American writers), so I do worry that something bad will happen during this latest “event”.


    • Yes the first hurdle is for Cap to survive Secret Wars, then as the dust clears we can see which members of his supporting cast made it back. Meggan was killed off during the House of M event so despite Paul Cornell bringing her back I don’t think her odds are that good but I hope I’m wrong. The jury is still out on the Captain Britain Corps as well as a future Time Runs Out cover seems to show them all dead, however Secret Wars can and probably will change everything so I expect a lot of deaths to boost sales followed by a hell of a lot of resurrections.

      As for Paul Cornell’s time on Cap I enjoyed it, he bought back Meggan, sent the team to my hometown of Birmigham and had Cap punch Dracula, but I dont think Cap’s power levels needed messing with and the series really didn’t last long enough which seems to be a Cap curse as the same could be said for Secret Avengers.

      Fingers crossed for Secret Wars bringing Cap back safely


  3. I think I would like to see a “new new Excalibur”. Something like following the decimation of the corps and the new status quo Cap B and Meggan begin to form a new multiversal (as it would be a new multiverse too) corps except where the Captain Britain Corps weakness was in its diverse and members solitary nature (we’ve seen them not function well as a team). The new corps goals would be to heal the multiverse and protect it as it grows hence it takes the name “Excalibur” and would not be limited to Captain Britain’s. Potentially reporting to a multiversal council made of representatives from each developed reality instead of the dictatorship that previously existed. 616’s representative and nominal head could be Fazia (who better to lead the healing than a Doctor?). Make the initial team up of Braddock, Meggan and some other heroes who are old hats and multiverse travel (so Exiles would be prime candidates). The multiverse really started with Captain Britain, it would be fitting that a new multiverse is explored by him.


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