Captain Britain and Meggan in the course of superhero love never did run smooth part 1.

The course of true love never did run smooth according to Shakespeare and this has never been so well demonstrated when you look at Captain Britain and his wife Meggan. With this in mind I decided it would be interesting to look at how Cap and Meggan came together, and examine a relationship that according to Meggan’s co-creator Alan Davis might never have come to pass.

So join me now for the first part of our look at Cap and Meggan’s life-long love affair, including their early romance, and how the forming of Excalibur and their adventures with that team could have driven them apart. Part two will be out next week which will cover Cap and Meggan through the trials and tribulations of the X-Men House of M event and beyond showing how not even death could separate them, plus some of my idle speculation on their future

To understand Cap and Meggan’s relationship we need to start with Meggan’s introduction in Mighty World of Marvel issue seven – The Candlelight Dialogues – from December 1983, with Alan Moore and Alan Davis credited as her creators. It’s obvious from the story that Meggan hero worships Captain Britain, but this was never originally destined to turn to love until Alan Moore left the book, Alan Davis explains the Meggan/Cap plan.

” When Alan quit writing Captain Britain he tied up all of the narrative loose ends and I was faced with writing Captain Britain from a cold start. I had plotted the whole CB romance with a new-female shape-shifting character when I had the idea of linking back to the original continuity by having my new-female evolve from the ‘Candlelight Dialogues’ Meggan. ”

early Meggan

Whatever the plan you can see Meggan looked very different to her current appearance, and as an interesting aside it seems she was also partial to the odd cigarette.

meggan enjoys a cigarette

Marvel went on to explain the reason behind Meggan’s initial look, it seems she was a shape shifter with a hidden talent in that she was often influenced by her feelings or surroundings when she underwent metamorphosis. In her youth Meggan had grown hair to keep out the cold, and her monstrous look was due to her picking up on the hatred her family and friends had for her.

Cap first met Meggan in the traditional superhero fashion of the mistaken fight, Meggan had been driven mad by the full moon attacking Captain Britain, and in doing so she accidently kills her friend Mickey. At her request Cap takes Meggan to Mickey’s family to apologise, and you can’t help but think he is impressed by this action, and so the seeds of romance are sown.

Cap takes Meggan in and it’s obvious with her childlike view of the world and unabashed enthusiasm for life that his respect for her might slowly turn to love. To me this is only so natural as Cap is still reeling from Jasper’s Warp and as Meggan is one of the few good things to come out of that escapade then it’s only right he be attracted to her.

Meggan responds by being there for Cap when his sister Betsy is blinded by Slaymaster, and he is there for her after her traumatic physical change at the hands of the warpies. Meggan’s change here is worth looking at in more detail, while blessed with a big heart and a strong sense of right and wrong her looks never matched her personality, and she was described often as having hidden potential. The warpies force her to come out of her chrysalis state and emerge as a beautiful woman finally casting aside the part of her power that made her change to how people see her, and which had been a mental block on how she looked up until now. I still think Captain Britain would have married Meggan however she looked, but this change moves their relationship onto the next stage as they tour the world together before setting up home in a lighthouse, a lighthouse that was soon to be the scene of many a problem that threatened to drive Cap and Meggan apart.

The cause of all these problems stemmed from a good idea when Captain Britain and Meggan formed the superhero team Excalibur. The first problem they encountered was Cap believing his sister the X-Man Pyslocke was dead became depressed and distant from Meggan. The next problem the lovebirds faced was Nightcrawler drooling over Meggan and her empathic powers meaning she couldn’t help but respond to Nightcrawler’s emotions. Nightcrawler then compounded the issue by not walking away and instead taking every chance he could to score cheap points over Captain Britain.

nightcrawler and meggan

Luckily after Cap issued a sound drubbing to the elvish rapscallion things got a little better, but sadly Cap’s off panel death meant it would be some time before he and Meggan could continue their romance.

Captain Britain in Excalibur 68

Captain Britain dies off panel in Excalibur 68

Meggan during Cap’s absence became a stronger character and her immaturity of the world reduced when Douglock took her under his wing. When Cap finally returned to Excalibur he and Meggan were married and things never looked better for them.

Of course this being a comic book story you know that this can easily change, join us next week for part two of this feature when we look at how post Excalibur Meggan and Captain Britain faced the toughest challenge to their relationship, and I speculate on the what the future might hold for the couple.

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