The Complete Captain Britain comic guide. Issue 4: Hour of the Hurricane

Welcome to week four of the Captain Britain Blog’s ongoing review of Captain Britain’s Seventies adventures. Full details of how the review works can be found here, then after reading that why not enjoy….

Hour of the Hurricane.

Captain Britain issue 4. Published November 3rd 1976.

Writer: Chris Claremont.

Artists: Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida.

Captain Britain issue 4

The story so far: While having a morning workout Captain Britain is interrupted by Jacko Tanner and forced to change back to Brian Braddock in mid-air. Luckily he suffers no harm but his ego takes a beating from Tanner who thinks Brian is gutless. Brian reveals he won’t lift a fist against Tanner due to a mysterious oath he took for his parents.

Later as Brian joins Courtney Ross for breakfast they are interrupted by the Hurricane, Brian turns into Captain Britain and a brawl ensues. Blasted by the Hurricane Cap is defeated and the Hurricane escapes crowing his triumph.

You have been watching: First appearance of the Hurricane in costume and first mention of Brian Braddock’s parents.

Continuity: We witness another use for Cap’s trusty quarter staff as he uses it to pole vault.

The Hurricane’s powers are described as flight, wrist blasters – which can be reversed to suck, body armour and the power to create mini hurricanes.

Brian Braddock mentions his parents and an oath he took; we won’t see them however until issue 14.

Cap demonstrates he’s not all brawn as he uses his brain to attempt to attack the Hurricane where he will be safest at the eye of his storm.

Well said old chap: I did enjoy Cap’s snarky and very British aside as he beats up Hurricane.Captain Britain issue 4 Cap fights the Hurricane

Stand out art: The dramatic entrance of the Hurricane.Captain Britain issue 4 enter the Hurricane

Final Thoughts: After last issues victory Captain Britain comes down to earth with a bump with problems for both his identities. The Hurricane rapidly proves he is the worst of these as despite his second-rate powers he quickly triumphs over Cap. It’s here we see a major problem with Captain Britain in that he does not have the super power of flight. Now a lot of heroes don’t fly but they all seem to have some ability to scale heights and attack air bound foes, here Cap is reduced to pole vaulting up to Hurricane as luckily he’s flying quite low. The lack of the ability to fly will return again to trouble Cap and become I feel such an issue that the writers cleverly soon provide him with the ability to do so. The story also suffers as after all the Arthurian trappings attached to Captain Britain’s origin it’s odd to see that his first major super villain encounter is against a fairly mundane foe, yet again like his missing flight ability this is something the writers will soon change.

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When issue 5 is ready there will be a link here.

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