The Complete Captain Britain comic guide. Issue 5: Captain Britain has been beaten.

Welcome to week five of the Captain Britain Blog’s ongoing review of Captain Britain’s Seventies adventures. Full details of how the review works can be found here, then after reading that why not enjoy….

Captain Britain has been beaten.

Issue 5. Published November 10 1976.

Writer: Chris Claremont.

Artists: Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida

Captain Britain issue 5

You have been watching: First appearances of Dr McKenzie – Brian Braddock’s tutor and Kate Fraser, Chief Inspector Thomas’ side kick.

The story so far: Captain Britain recovers from his defeat at the hands of Hurricane and begins to rescue people from the devastation caused by the recent fight. Chief Inspector Thomas is quick to lay the blame at Captain Britain’s door but the steadfast Dr McKenzie lets him know he is completely in the wrong. Back as Brian Braddock our hero notices Sandy York’s photos of the battle have come out blurred, returning to his lab Brian figures out the Hurricane’s armour is nuclear powered which will enable him to be tracked.

As Hurricane pontificates on just what British monument he will destroy next Captain Britain ambushes him, and they prepare for the second round of their duel.

Continuity: We learn more about Hurricane’s powers, his suit is nuclear powered and in what can only be called a criminal oversight he has designed his helmet so it reduces his hearing.

Cap’s trusty quarter staff again proves its versatility as it is used as a lever to shift debris.

Brian Braddock in a great sequence uses deduction and science to track Hurricane, yet again highlighting his high level of brain power.

Stand out art: I love this Cap does science panel, as with not a hair out-of-place he meddles with radiation wearing what seems to me to be inadequate safety gear.

Captain Britain issue 5 Cap does science

Well said old chap: Yet again Captain Britain and Chief Inspector Thomas have words.

Captain Britain issue 5 Cap and Thomas hit it off again

Final Thoughts: I make no secret of my love for Captain Britain when writers remember he is a man with an intelligence almost on the level I would say of Reed Richards or Tony Stark, so his solving how to track the Hurricane just from a photograph is to me perfect characterization. Another nice touch that makes this story a bit more than a typical Spider-Man scenario is when Brian Braddock’s professor isn’t backwards on coming forward to give Chief Inspector Thomas a piece of mind when defending Cap. Courtney Ross also shows she’s not some wilting waif as she helps Captain Britain shift rubble to rescue her trapped friends.Of course this just gives the oaf Jacko Tanner more reason to rib Brian Braddock but it’s scenes and ideas like all these that make Captain Britain more than your standard Seventies super hero fare.

Sadly Hurricane doesn’t benefit from any characterization and he remains solidly in the two-dimensional school of villainy as he rants how he will destroy the UK, though I did laugh at the fact he won’t trash Big Ben as he thinks it’s already broken.

You can read my review of issue 4 here.

When issue six is ready I will put a link here

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