I’ll buy anything with Captain Britain on. NOW UPDATED

I love collecting Captain Britain memorabilia, I own cards, books, t-shirts, socks, badges and more, and I’m a keen Ebay scourer for anything that tickles my Cap collecting taste buds. Because of this habit I recently became the proud owner of another Captain Britain jigsaw to complement the one I already own, have a look at the box.

Captain Britain jigsaw 3

A brief history of Captain Britain jigsaws can be found in my original article on them here, when I believed only two jigsaws were released until I chanced on the third last week.

For those interested the jigsaw is taken from this early Cap Cover from 1976 by Herb Trimpe….

Captain Britain issue 6

The helicopter is taken from this panel in the issue….

Captain Britain jigsaw 3 helicopter panel

and the SHROOM effect taken from this panel.

Captain Britain jigsaw 3 shroom panel

If you want to see more great Captain Britain memorabilia on the site then click here

UPDATE – Thanks to Andrew Rose you can enjoy two more Cap jigsaws that he kindly photographed for the site, they’re great pics and enjoy his Captain Britain figure collection as well.

Captain britian jigsaw 3

Captain britian jigsaw 4

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