Captain Britain and Meggan spotted in this weeks Fantastic Four issue 643

So it seems someone at Marvel is listening to me about the absence of Captain Britain’s wife Meggan from current Cap events in Avenger’s Time Runs Out, as she popped up recently in the latest issue of Fantastic Four number 643.

In that comic the Fantastic Four are having to deal with the fallout of the Heroes Reborn event from 1996 – don’t ask – and as portals open up across the world letting in the bad guys the heroes rally to the fight. As one of these portals opens up in London Captain Britain, Meggan and a host of UK heroes turn up to pummel the baddies in there one panel appearance below.

Captain britain and Meggan in Fantastic four

Click to enlarge. so you can see Cap, Meggan, Union Jack, Spitfire and more.

I’m guessing this is before Time Runs Out as Cap is wearing a different costume, but it’s nice to see writer James Robinson has done his homework for this one panel UK hero appearance.

Does this mean Meggan is safe and sound and will survive Time Runs Out or even turn up in Secret Wars? I don’t have any answers but she’s a major part of Cap continuity so let’s hope she doesn’t get the Captain Britain Corps treatment.

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