Honoring the Captain Britain Corps and its greatest members – Day 1: Captain UK

Welcome to a week of mourning on the Captain Britain Blog as we remember the Captain Britain Corps who were so cruelly taken from us last week. Each day we are going to look at some of the finest members of the Corps, and celebrate the incredible diversity and strength of the best interdimensional superhero team that ever was.

On our first day we start with Linda McQuillan or Captain UK to give her one of her many titles.

Captain UK kills the Fury

Where to start with Captain UK’s achievements, killer of the unstoppable monster known as the Fury, member of Excalibur, stand in for Captain Britain and his defense counsel when he was put on trial are just a few of her many fantastic achievements. To me Captain UK represents the Captain Britain Corps so perfectly you could imagine her appearing on recruitment posters pointing a finger at the viewer, and telling them the Corps required their services.

Comic wise she first saw the light of day in Marvel Super Heroes 388; in a story written by Alan Moore and drawn by Alan Davis which was published in 1982.

Join us for the rest of the week as we continue to honor the Captain Britain Corps and its finest members, why not let me know in the comments which Corps member you miss the most.

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