Honoring the Captain Britain Corps and its greatest members. Day 2: Will of the People

Welcome to the second day of our week of mourning on the Captain Britain Blog as we remember the Captain Britain Corps who were so cruelly taken from us last week. Each day we are going to look at some of the best members of the Corps and celebrate the incredible diversity and strength of the best inter-dimensional super hero team that ever was.

On our second day we honor Will of the People, also known as Jonathan Raven.

Captain Britain Jonathan Raven

If yesterday Captain UK was the poster girl for the Corp’s values of grit, strength and determination then today’s Corps member Will of the People is the solid embodiment of the team’s diversity. This chap is a bit of an enigma with as far as I’m aware his first and only appearance taking place in Excalibur 50 by Alan Davis published in 1992. I had to search the Marvel Database before I found out who he was, but as he is unnamed in the Comic I really don’t know who gave this Corps member his details.

Even in just his short appearance though Will shines partly due to his great costume, check out the detail including those snazzy red and blue yin yang symbols, and who doesn’t want to see someone punch ninjas? I’m taken by the idea of a martial artist who also has Captain Britain powers simply because I think they could be an unstoppable super juggernaut, but until the Corps are resurrected I can only speculate on how awesome he could have been.

Join us for the rest of the week as we continue to honor the Captain Britain Corps and its finest members.

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2 thoughts on “Honoring the Captain Britain Corps and its greatest members. Day 2: Will of the People

  1. Once again, Alan Davis shows what a true master he is, even when designing background characters, that only appear once.


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