Honoring the Captain Britain Corps and its greatest members – Day 4: Spider-UK

Welcome to the final day of mourning on the Captain Britain Blog as we remember the Captain Britain Corps who were so cruelly taken from us last week. Each day we are going to look at some of the best members of the Corps and celebrate the incredible diversity and strength of the best inter-dimensional super hero team that ever was.

On our last day we honor Spider-UK.

Hold on you’re probably saying Spider-UK isn’t dead, and you would be correct. You see after three days of mourning I decided it’s time for the wake.

Spider Man Captain Britain Corps

While I miss the Captain Britain Corps I don’t want to end my thoughts about them on a melancholy note, and instead thought we should end our  memorial with a positive vibe. So today we will honour one of the last two Corps members left alive, Spider-UK.

Spider-UK or William Braddock to give him his proper name came to Earth to aid Spider-Man in the Marvel Spider-Verse event, unable to return to his home dimension after helping defeat Spidey’s foes he formed the Warriors of the Great Web to help any alternate universe calling out for a Spider-Man’s help. Now call me cynical but isn’t that just the Captain Britain Corps, but I’m not going to end this week of mourning on such a note, only to say let’s hope on their adventures the Warriors find a way to resurrect the Corps. Spider-UK comes from a proud heritage of some of Marvel’s bravest inter-dimensional warriors and surely if he survives Secret War then the time is ripe for him to meet up with Captain Britain and resurrect the Corps or put a new one together.

So as the mourning ends take off your black armbands, walk away from the grave and remember the good things about the Corps. Remember every inter-dimensional cat saved from every inter-dimensional tree, remember their triumph over the Fury but most of all remember them all, because some day they will return

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2 thoughts on “Honoring the Captain Britain Corps and its greatest members – Day 4: Spider-UK

    • Good point which demands a full explanation.

      When I started thinking about writing about the Corps I started with a generic overview which got too long. I then switched to a top ten idea but which members to choose.

      So I then decided on 5 daily posts about not necessarily my favourite members but those to me who embodied the Corps spirit.

      This then dropped to four posts simply because I felt the melancholy needed to end and I wanted to get stuck into Dying Light on my PS😝

      The real delight in the Corps is that no one member is its greatest feature but rather the Corps itself and what it stands for is its strength, so my daily posts were I hoped reflective of that.

      Here’s hoping they return during or after Secret War and these posts become sort of redundant.😃


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