The Complete Captain Britain comic guide. Issue 6: Havoc at Heathrow.

Welcome to week six of the Captain Britain Blog’s ongoing review of Captain Britain’s Seventies adventures. Full details of how the review works can be found here, then after reading that why not enjoy….

Havoc at Heathrow

Captain Britain issue 6. November 17th 1976

Writer: Chris Claremont

Artists: Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida

Captain Britain issue 6

The story so far: It’s Captain Britain verses the Hurricane round 2, as they square off against the background of the UK’s biggest airport, Heathrow. As the battle rages Hurricane employs his deadly wind blasts, and even throws a petrol tanker at Captain Britain who still manages to hold his own. However when Hurricane crashes a jet on Cap and then starves him of air it’s all too much for our hero who passes out.

Captain Britain awakens to find himself strapped to the jet engines of Concorde which the dastardly Hurricane plans to start to suck him in and kill him

You have been watching: No one new is introduced this week.

Continuity: Concorde is referred to by its full title, Concorde SST, the SST stands for supersonic transport.

Hurricane correctly refers to Concorde’s engines as Olympus turbojets. Though to be pedantic they are actually Olympus 593 Mark 610 turbo jets.

Hurricane’s power stems from his nuclear powered backpack.

The issue notes Heathrow has had its fill of trouble from terrorists to martial arts battles. The battle in question takes place in Iron Fist 3 from the Seventies and the terrorist troubles may refer to the real world incident in 1974 when the IRA planted bombs in Heathrow’s car park.

Stand out art: Captain Britain enters Heathrow in a way only a hero can, blasted through a wall.Captain Britain issue 6 Cap enters Heathrow

Well said old chap: The Hurricane brags about his powers; including how apparently advantageous it is to be able to blast a straw through an oak tree.

Captain Britain issue 6 Cap is powerless as Hurricane brags

Final thoughts: After the last issues science-heavy theme comes a whole issue of what heroes do best, battle super villains with no limits on the destruction. Setting the chaos and carnage at Heathrow is a nice touch that grounds Cap to the UK but doesn’t feel too Ukish if that makes sense. I love how Hurricane realizes he really needs to throw something big at Cap as he survives a blast through a wall and a petrol tanker, so settles on a jet plane. Luckily Cap escapes and is only really defeated due again to his lack of flight powers when Hurricane takes to the air and he can’t get up there to do battle. Really it’s all an excuse for some great action and a pulse pounding cliff hanger reminiscent of Batman 66.

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