Does Jim Cheung’s Captain Britain sketch show Cap’s future?

I spotted this New Avengers Captain Britain sketch by Jim Cheung on Instagram today. Notice anything interesting…

Jim Cheung captain Britain avengers

Now if this sketch posted a couple of weeks ago is from Time Runs Out did you spot two things, Captain Britain has it seems two eyes and definitely no beard !

Cheung hash tagged the picture….

#Beast #CaptainBritain #Avengers #NewAvengers#MarvelComics #Marvel #mcu #cover #pencils #Inks#process #WIP #JimCheung

So it seems it’s a cover; maybe an unannounced variant for Avengers Time Runs Out ?

The art got me thinking that Avengers Time Runs Out might end with Cap restored to his full binocular-visioned non-beardy glory. OK, I’ve been wrong before and since when has a recent comic book cover ever really represented the story inside, but I thought I’d share the art anyway.

Feel free to post your own speculation or put me right in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Does Jim Cheung’s Captain Britain sketch show Cap’s future?

  1. I pre-order all my books online and have ordered the Jim Cheung “End of an Era” variant cover for New Avengers #33. That’s a good looking sketch so hopefully that’s what this is. And fingers crossed this is an indication that Cap gets his eye back and loses the beard.

    Cheung is a great artist and does a good Cap. A lot of people seem to have so much trouble. Always making the back of his costume look like the front ( which drives me nuts) etc.


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