Hot news: New Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Secret Wars series announced without Captain Britain?

So hot off the press from comes the news of a Captain Britain Secret Wars series Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders, written by Al Ewing and drawn by Alan Davis, but is Captain Britain actually in it ?

Captain Britain and the Mighty defenders


Starring Faiza Hussain in a return to the Captain Britain role along with White Tiger,She Hulk, Kid Rescue and Hobie Brown the series is described by Marvel as…

” Welcome to Battleworld – where, in what’s left of Mondo-City One, Boss Cage is the law!

– When the fascist futuropolis annexes neighboring Yinsen City, who’ll stand up for Ho Yinsen’s dream of universal peace?

– If you liked the Mighty Avengers — you’ll love the Mighty Defenders! ”

Ewing adds more detail to the above statement in his interview firstly the location…

” We’re set on the border between two smaller principalities – I don’t know if we’re even on the map, unless there’s been an update recently. On the one hand, we have the fascist futuropolis of Mondo City, originally invented by Jeff Parker, which is an analogue for a certain sci-fi mega-city I’ve written about in the past, one that British comic readers – and fans of cool, cult sci-fi movies – will be very familiar with. It’s ruled over by the Bosses, who are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is Boss Cage, aging but still undefeatable clone of Luke Cage’s grandson Danny.

On the other hand, we’ve got Yinsen City, from an alternate world I made up in Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, where Ho Yinsen survived the origin of Iron Man instead of Tony Stark, and used his own medical tech to create the Rescue Armor. His influence turned Marvel-Earth into a utopia of peace and plenty, peacefully colonizing space. As you can imagine, when Mondo City decides it wants some of that peace and plenty for itself – all in the name of the law, or course – the kind and generous people of the Yinsenverse are going to have trouble standing in their way. Or are they?”

So there’s a very interesting background, but what we really want to know is why not Brian Braddock, why Faiza? Ewing responds:

“I just wanted to give Faiza-Cap another go in the spotlight. It was a bit sad for me that  … her timeline had already been erased when she got the title. So, since I had the opportunity on Battleworld to revisit old timelines and alternate universes, I figured that’d be one to come back to for another visit.”

So where is the original Captain Britain in all this? Ewing if he knows isn’t telling so here’s my speculation.

1) Cap dies at the end of Time Runs Out – This isn’t true according to Marvel’s Battleworld map which shows him in High Avalon, but that could be another Cap, maybe the Ultimate Universe one?

2) Cap has been promoted and has now taken his rightful place in the Avengers so will be appearing in that title.

3) Marvel are going to launch a European Avengers title with Cap as the squad leader.

All this is pure speculation, I’m certainly going to pick up Mighty Defenders as it has a great writer/artist team and a fun concept that has caught my imagination.

What do you think of the news? Will you pick up Mighty Defenders? Where is Captain Britain? Sound off in the comments below.


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9 thoughts on “Hot news: New Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Secret Wars series announced without Captain Britain?

  1. None of this Secret Wars stuff looks good to me. I’m just not a fan of alternate reality stuff and all these tie-ins just save me money until my regular books return.

    Having said that, the one bright spot in Age of Ultron, was the Captain Britain issue. But I didn’t like the ending with Faiza becoming Captain Britain. They should have just given Lionheart the title.

    I know it’s not PC, but a muslim should not become Captain Britain nor wield Excalibur. And before anyone takes offence Captain Britain shouldn’t be a Christian either, or have any kind of religious leanings.

    It’s typical that Marvel announce a Captain Britain series that doesn’t actually feature Captain Britain though. I hope that some of your speculation is right, and that Captain Britain does become a member of a main Avengers group or part of a European team a group leader.

    I have to say that this series would totally be off my list if not for the wonderful Alan Davis. But I’m not sure even he can convince me to pick this up.


  2. So disappointed that there is no sign of Brian, Meggan & MI:13.
    Great creators on this & do like the character but this is not what the fans want.
    It seems Marvel just don’t care about us Brit Marvelites & our demand for our hero : (
    It’s find if your an Iron Man or X or Avenger fan, you get loads of titles with these characters in, but all we want is just one. This event looked like we’d get it, but no, let’s ignore the UK fans again. Make mine… DC?


  3. I am looking forward to this. The creative team are really good and it gives me hope that we’ll see something regarding the corps or other Captain Britains in the future. I think that while Brian is Captain Britain, he’s one of many all of whom are varied and different and some stories really should be told. (Now there is an idea for a series of one shots!)

    Plus I like Fazia, a Doctor and healer at heart who geeks out about all things Superhero (and Cricket) and is really very human with a strong voice and identity. I think she’ll make a great member of the corps, representative of the idea that someone who is British can be Captain Britain. People mention her religion but really her religion is merely part of her identity and is not contrary to anything of the corps or her own British identity as defined in 616. We have after all seen among others a Steve Roger’s as a corps member (Captain Colony), a Native American (Crusader X), a Skrull, a Dinosaur, a hippy, a Roman, a Mob enforcer and at least two Nazi’s all of whom are British in their own worlds definition.


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