The top 5 five plot points I want to see in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders

With news of a Secret Wars Captain Britain series announced that includes a Captain Britain but not the definitive version, fans have been vocal if confused in their support for Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders. However, people want to know just how can this Brian Braddockless Captain Britain title fill the Captain Britain gap in the Secret Wars line up?

So to help the series along we present for your reading pleasure the Top 5 plot ideas that could if included make Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders a must read Secret Wars title.

Captain Britain and the Mighty defenders

5: All bets are off

This is an alternate universe title set in a crossover event that involves every Marvel character and Universe; so let’s have action, drama, death, treachery, full on fights and carnage in every issue. All bets are off when it comes to these characters in this event including Faiza herself, and if the team all die to secure victory then so be it.

4. It’s a magic sword let’s see it work.

Faiza wields the sword of myth and legend Excalibur, it’s a powerful bit of metal so let’s see it work its magic. I don’t much care for a sword that is used to knock people out or channel mystic beams of power, why not just use a stick. Swords are for chopping, hacking and impaling, carrying one indicates your up for a fight, so let’s hope Faiza gives Excalibur a good work out, and it isn’t used as just some mystical mcguffin.

3. Let’s reinvent a classic X-Men move.

So She Hulk is on the team, she’s hard and muscle bound, then we have Faiza she’s short and a bit of a scrapper- can you see where I’m going here? No? Ok, I want She Hulk and Faiza to recreate the classic X-men Fastball special move. Why? Well I just think it would be fun.

she hulk fast ball special

2. No wimps please.

Kid Rescue is based on the Rescue suit of armor Tony Stark created for Pepper Potts, and while it’s a great suit of armor it has one weakness in that it has no weapons. So if Kid Rescue occupies a similar suit they are going to be as useful as a pacifist Hulk. It seems to me the Mighty Defenders might be carrying Kid Rescue unless they give their suit some heavy weapons, quickly.

1. Come on you knew this was coming didn’t you?

Faiza Hussain is a Captain Britain, while she is a great character in her own right she isn’t the Captain Britain we all know and love. You have to remember she became Captain Britain in an alternate universe during the Age of Ultron event and that gives her a loose right to the title. Sure Secret Wars is seeing all alternate universes merge, but we really want the end of the Mighty Defenders to see Brian Braddock back as Captain Britain. We know he’s around in Secret Wars thanks to this variant Secret Wars cover.

Captain britain Secret Wars variant

Faiza to me while a great character is merely filling the gap until my Captain Britain returns, and when he does I hope they team-up as they did in the great days of Captain Britain and MI-13.

So I hope you enjoyed this look at how hopefully Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders could be the stand out title of Secret Wars, I’ll be buying it even without my suggested improvements as it looks like it’s going to be a great read.

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