In Avengers 43 Time Runs Out for Captain Britain. But not in a way you might expect.

Avengers Time Runs Out finishes next month and it’s been a mixed ride for Captain Britain in the run up to Secret Wars, this weeks Avengers 43 seems to indicate his problems are over, but not in a way you might expect.

Following the cover below I will be giving my thoughts on this weeks Avengers 43, please do not read any further if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Avengers 43 with Captain Britain

So it all looks exciting as Cap and his fellow heroes burst into action on the cover, sadly none of this is replicated inside, but when recently have covers ever reflected a comic’s contents?

So just what does happen for Captain Britain? Well  it seems his time in Time Runs Out is about to do just that, and he may well survive into Secret Wars just by Hickman having nothing more he wants to do with the character. Let me explain.

Avengers 43 shows Cap standing around while the exposition flows around him looking grim, but contributing little else. This is because the action in Time Runs Out seems to be moving from the Illuminati to other players as the final issues draws near, because of this it seems a lot of background characters including Captain Britain seem to have finished their part in the event, and are now just window dressing. While this is typical of any big comic event for Cap fans it’s disappointing as there’s nothing worse than seeing your hero seemingly relegated to the subs bench as the match moves into the final minutes.

Captain Britain in New Avengers 43

Captain Britain does some fine listening

I can’t help but wonder is this it for Cap now he’s had everything he holds dear destroyed? Was he only present just because Hickman wanted to show the power of his baddies by using them to eliminate the Captain Britain Corps? What of his eye and beard as a variant Secret Wars cover shows Cap looking as he was prior to his Time Runs Out escapade. And just what is that sword?

Captain britain Secret Wars variant


I can’t help feeling Hickman has left us Cap fans with a lot of questions, and I worry we might never get any answers.Time Runs Out has two issues to go and I’m hoping for a major blow out and some serious fighting where Cap can prove his mettle, I don’t want him surviving by default I want him surviving by the skin of his teeth. Of course I could be wrong Hickman is a writer who delights in twists and surprises and there have been plenty of those so far, Cap might still finish the series as more than a bystander.

Are you surprised by how things might end for Captain Britain? What do you think could or should happen to wrap Time Runs Out in a way that shows Captain Britain in his true glory? Sound off in the comments below

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8 thoughts on “In Avengers 43 Time Runs Out for Captain Britain. But not in a way you might expect.

  1. I’m not surprised that Hickman did this. Just use the Corps. as cannon fodder to try and show how terrible his big bad is and just to shut up us Cap fans that’ll bring up the corps protecting the multiverse up ’til now.

    I can’t stand Hickman’s writing. I couldn’t stand his Fantastic Four and dumped that in a few issues. I stuck with his Avengers because of a life long love of the team, but I can’t wait to see the back of him on Avengers and the nightmare of Secret Wars to be over.

    Remender treated Captain Britain much better in Secret Avengers.

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