Has Captain Britain been spotted inside Secret Wars 2?

Eagle eyed Captain Britain Blog follower Freemach might just have spotted Captain Britain in the interior pages of Secret Wars issue 2. Freemach provided a link to the Previewsworld site where interior art for Secret Wars 2 has been previewed. Have a look at what they found below.

Captain Britain in Secret Wars 2

Ok we know Cap is in the issue thanks to the cover below, but covers can be misleading and Cap is sadly well-known for being on them only to appear in a lesser role within. But could that be Cap in the first panel, and is he now armed with the soulsword or the original sword of might?

Captain britain Secret Wars variant

If this Captain Britain sighting is correct then it would hopefully suggest we can follow his escapades by reading the main Secret War title, and that he has a decent role to play in this event. Only yesterday i was worried about Cap ending his time in Time Runs Out with more of a whimper than a bang, maybe I’m going to be proven wrong about that, and for me that’s great news.

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