The Complete Captain Britain comic guide. Issue 7: Wind of Death.

Well with all the Cap news we’ve taken a break from our regular review review feature but now it’s back. So welcome to part seven of the Captain Britain Blog’s ongoing review of Captain Britain’s Seventies adventures. Full details of how the review works can be found here, then after reading that why not enjoy….

Wind of Death

Captain Britain issue 7, November 24th 1976.

Writer Chris Claremont.

Artists Herb Trimpe and Fred Kida.

Captain Britain issue 7

The story so far: Before Cap is sucked into Concorde’s engine and turned into red, white and blue mincemeat Hurricane decides to have a secret origin moment. We learn he is one Bert Potter a failed meteorologist who believed he could control the weather but has so far failed.  Not put off by his lackluster career Potter attempts one more time to control the elements setting his sights on hurricane Linda, but his craft is destroyed and once rescued he vows revenge on all who have mocked him as he becomes the Hurricane.

Cap escapes death by slipping out of his chains as he turns into Brian Braddock, turning back into Cap again he trounces the Hurricane by smashing his backpack, out of power the Hurricane collapses and Cap wins the day.

You have been watching: First appearance of the Hurricane’ secret identity, Bert “Hurricane” Potter.

Continuity: According to meteorological records there was no Hurricane Linda for Bert to attempt to destroy in the Seventies, there was however one in the Nineties.

The origin of Bert Potter into the Hurricane bears more than a passing resemblance to that of Dr Doom.

Potter is made of stern stuff, he survives his craft exploding, then a 4000 foot plummet to the sea doesn’t kill him, and then he then survives two days at sea without dying of exposure.

Stand out art: Captain Britain rips open Concorde and pulls out the Hurricane with the ease we might pull a stone out of a cherry.

Captain Britain issue 7 Cap pulls Hurricane out of Concorde

Well said old chap: Captain Britain issues a stern warning in case you were thinking of abusing your genius and turning to crime.Captain Britain issue 7 Cap lectures us

Final Thoughts: At last we have the reason behind the Hurricane’s reign of terror and making him an evil meteorologist is certainly not something I expected, but I suppose the clue was there in his super villain name. Sadly all this originality is thrown away when we learn the Hurricane wants revenge on everyone, and for this his hatred burns less brightly than it should have. The story for me might have worked a bit better if Captain Britain had interrupted the Hurricane taking revenge on his meteorological colleagues in a series of weather related crimes.

Later on the Hurricane’s origin was retconned, and it was the will of the Nethergods that caused his accident and imbued him with his powers, which nicely explains how he survived the trauma of his origin. The Hurricane would go on to work for Mys-Tech, gain new powers, get married and finally be talked out of a life of crime by the Fantastic Four. However in what is becoming a sad trend for Captain Britain foes he would never face off against Captain Britain again, probably because his Achilles heel power pack would need changing to prevent Cap beating him within a few seconds of their getting back together.

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