RIP Captain Britain’s Herb Trimpe

We’ve just recently learnt via the sad news that Captain Britain co-creator Herb Trimpe has passed away today.

Of course Herb was responsible for many more famous creations than Captain Britain, but here on this blog we choose to celebrate his work on the UK’s finest superhero.

herb trimpe

Herb Trimpe


Chris Claremont in a 2006 interview for the Captain Britain volume one trade paperback said of Herb:

“He’s one of the very best at what he does… he was one of the core talents on the Marvel art staff.”

Claremont added: “The work I did with him is but one of the smaller fractions of his career and in numbers probably mine as well. But among those few are stories that I am most proud of even today. ”

Fine words I’m sure you will agree for a great talent who will be missed, but lets finish on a high with some great Trimpe art.

Captain Britain vs Mastermind


Whether facing evil computers or deadly gang members…

captain-britain-by Herb Trimpe


Or showing Cap at ease with a pipe

Captain Britian physics genius


or doing science…

Captain Britain issue 5 Cap does science


Herb Trimpe defined Captain Britain for all of his fans. RIP Herb.


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2 thoughts on “RIP Captain Britain’s Herb Trimpe

  1. Just heard the news on another blog and came here straight away to pay my respects. I loved his art on CB even better than his work on the Hulk, which he was probably better known for.
    My thoughts are with his loved ones.


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