UK newspaper labels Captain Britain lame.

So I’m scouring the news from last week about Olivia Munn getting the role of Captain Britain’s sister Psylocke in Bryan Singer’s next X-Men film, when one article caught my eye.

It seems UK newspaper The Telegraph when reporting this casting news decided to give us their opinion on Captain Britain at the same time, and according to them he’s:

“Marvel’s rather lame Captain America spin-off.”

Now everyone is entitled to their opinions I have no issues with that, but when Captain Britain is labelled lame and a knock off character then I have to wonder why the writer feels that way without going into detail.

Certainly Captain Britain was influenced by Captain America, but his early career was based more on Spider-Man’s adventures see my article here. As for the lameness it cannot be denied that Captain Britain hasn’t always come out well depending on who was writing him at the time, but name me another hero who has had a stellar career from launch to present day, and has never gone through a “lame” patch.

Captain Britain and Thor patriotic speech

The never lame Captain Britain


Interestingly the Telegraph also produced this article about Captain Britain written from a much wider perspective and listing five odd – to me – reasons as to why we need him now, though I did love the inspired casting of Captain Britain at the end.

Yes I know I shouldn’t be surprised at a Captain Britain slur, hell sometimes I wonder if even his owners Marvel love him at all, but sometimes my cage is rattled too violently and then I have to try to get answers. Speaking of answers I’ve written to the Telegraph asking if they can elaborate on the “lame” labeling of Captain Britain, and offering to write for nothing an article that proves he’s the complete opposite. Watch this space.

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5 thoughts on “UK newspaper labels Captain Britain lame.

  1. I was about to say, spin-off is inaccurate. At no point has there been any direct correlation between the two Captains outside of very occasional team-ups. I would volunteer that “Lame” pretty much sums up my opinion of the Telegraph, but that would be a cheap shot. I suppose I should be glad that there’s no “Bif! Bop! Pow!” Because, a publication such as this usually lead with such effects when writing *any* comics’ story , as if this was still the 1950s.

    Which in some fashion of their own backwards politics and slant is probably exactly what year they wish it actually was.

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