Captain Britain: it’s all in the cards, Marvel War of Heroes cards that is.

Yesterday thanks to Eric on Pinterest I was able to share on Facebook the new Captain Britain card art for Marvel’s Legendary card game, this got me thinking about other Cap card art that might be hidden away only known to card players.

A quick Google search turned up twelve Captain Britain cards from Marvel War of Heroes mobile card game; so I thought it would be fun to share them and their flavour text with you. The cards are divided into six categories which themselves have interesting titles. so let’s start with…

Merlyn’s Champion


“When you stand between two worlds, sometimes you fall into the trap of thinking you’ve got to choose one over the other. Took me a long time to figure out that wasn’t true.”


“The Otherworld gave me a chance to live again… but this is the world I live in, and this is the world I’ll die to defend.”

I do like the way the art is taken from a Captain Britain and MI-13 cover and reversed to get two cards from one image – a common theme for these cards as you will see. However the text has me confused, in one breath Cap is saying he will fight for all worlds, and in the other he’s not, he really needs to get off the fence.

Rule Britannia Captain Britain


“Dying after a motorcycle accident, physics student Brian Braddock was saved by Merlin and given new life as Captain Britain. He is a mainstay of the British team Excalibur–and twin brother to Betsy Braddock, better known as Psylocke.”


“He draws his powers from his costume, which taps an interdimensional energy field. This allows him to fly, and the suit also gives him superhuman strength, agility, and durability, thanks to the force field it projects at all times.”

Nice manipulated art again to get two cards from one image, but yet again the text seems a bit odd. The cards seem to quote Cap’s origin or how he fared power wise in the Eighties, so don’t match the MI-13 Cap in the pictures.

Excalibur Captain Britain


“A dying Brian Braddock became Captain Britain after choosing the Amulet of Right (or Life) over the Sword of Might (or Death) when both were presented to him by Merlin and his daughter Roma.”


“Originally, Captain Britain’s powers were linked to the Amulet of Right, worn around his neck, and he depended on a mace-like Star Scepter to fly. Currently, Braddock’s powers are sustained by his own confidence and heritage as the son of a denizen of Otherworld.”

So cards linking Captain Britain with the mystical sword Excalibur have text that shows Cap chose an amulet over a sword during his origin. Ok so it might not have been that dramatic to show Cap clutching an amulet on a card, but what do I know? I do like the Excalibur wielding Cap though, that sword he is holding really does look the business.

One of many Captain Britains


“Merlyn founded the Captain Britain Corps- composed of Captain Britains from across the multiverse- -to defend reality.”


“The Captain Britain Corps includes several versions of Brian Braddock, proving that he was chosen as a defender of mankind in several realities.”

So now we’re on to the Captain Britain Corps represented here by a member in their pajamas. It’s nice to see the Corps get a name check, but from its multitude of members we have one very lacklustre looking representative.

Second life Captain Britain


“Captain Britain draws strength from the damage he inflicts on his energies. Part of this is undoubtedly psychological, but there is a genuine effect, possibly produced by his Otherworld nature and amplified by the energy-storing capabilities Merlyn added to his costume.”


“After Captain Britain’s death and rebirth, Merlyn took his magical tinkering a step further, imbuing Captain Britain’s body with his powers and transforming Captain Britain’s costume into a reservoir of interdimensional energy.”

I’m thinking second life refers to Cap’s brush with death at the hands of Ultron, but I could be wrong. The text states the more Cap damages an opponent the stronger he gets which is a play on the MI-13 version of our hero who Paul Cornell had get stronger in a similar way.

Modern legend Captain Britain


“Excalibur, the Holy Grail, Merlin, Stonehenge–these are things that represent Britain’s fabled past. I, too, share this connection… and I hope I can live up to the legends that has come before me.”


“No matter how far afield I travel–across the globe, across the universe, or into other dimensions–I must always remember that I represent Britain. I do so with humility and integrity and dignity. I do so with honor.”

These two cards certainly contain my favourite text, to me they are both like the pledge a boy scout might give, I can imagine Cap standing up and quoting these lines at Corps meetings, if they weren’t all dead. Why in the last card Cap is waving the Union Jack on what looks like a battlefield escapes me, but it’s quite a stirring image and I wouldn’t like to be on the end of that finger point.

So there we have the current selection of Captain Britain cards from Marvel War of Heroes, a mixed bunch of art and quotes but it’s nice to see Cap in the game and not sidelined. Sadly these aren’t physical cards as if they were I would certainly be looking on Ebay looking to add them to my collection.

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