Time Runs Out with a whimper for Captain Britain in Avengers 44

So just as Captain Britain came in like a lion when the Avengers crossover Time Runs Out began, now with the grand finale in Avengers 44 it seems he has gone out like the proverbial lamb.

Yes as Time Runs Out finishes it’s time to discuss how Captain Britain fares as the Marvel Universe changes in preparation for Secret Wars. So, following the cover below I will be giving my thoughts on this weeks Avengers 44, please do not read any further if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Avengers 44 with Captain Britain

So Time Runs Out crashes to its grand finale today, but sadly it seems Captain Britain is not required, not even in the talky scenes. I spoke in my last comments on Time Runs Out that I feared Cap had played his part and had been sidelined, and Avengers 44 confirms that as he appears in one panel.

Avengers 44 with Captain Britain and the last Avengers

Our shaggy Cap seems to be wondering if the price of appearing in Time Runs Out was worth it. I mean he lost his eye, gained a beard and saw the Captain Britain Corps perish powerless to save his colleagues. I wont repeat too many of my comments from my previous thoughts on Cap appearing in this event, except that I now believe his presence was only necessary to give weight to the death of the Captain Britain Corps; who themselves were to me a pointless editorial sacrifice to show us just how bad the bad guys were.

Yes this is comics and everything can change, and often does very quickly so let’s try to be positive. Captain Britain has been spotted in two Secret Wars comics, which I covered here and here, so future months won’t be Cap less, though we currently can’t speak for the quality of any of these appearances. All that seems to be confirmed is Cap will have a shave, put his helmet back on, still wield that mysterious sword of his and might just get his eye back. Yes hold your excitement in please.

But, check the title to the above panel,  it seems Captain Britain’s Avengers membership is confirmed again, but now as one of the last Avengers does this mean he might also appear in Avengers’ titles during Secret Wars? Let’s hope so as something good needs to come out of Time Runs Out for Captain Britain, and this might just be it.

Don’t take my thoughts the wrong way I enjoyed Time Runs Out and it leads nicely into Secret Wars which I am looking forward to, I’ve always enjoyed Hickman’s writing and he’s been joined in this event by some great artists. I’m always pleased that writers think to include Captain Britain in their stories and while I knew he was never going to be the hero of this event I would have liked to see him live up to the excitement of his arrival and use that big science brain of his to help the Illuminati. Still fingers crossed for Secret Wars.

Did you follow the ups and downs of Captain Britain during Time Runs Out? What do you think is next for him ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Time Runs Out with a whimper for Captain Britain in Avengers 44

  1. I thought it was interesting that they said “Braddock’s bowed out as well”, mentioning him along with Banner who “knows he’s a risk” and Pym who is “unstable”. But then I got overwhelmed by the big fight and ended up feeling quite sad reading this. (yeah, I got it for the fight, so completely my fault), and only read it last night.


  2. Yes! Pizza Dog gets a love story – that makes it an instant purchase for me. (also pretty sure they said Daredevil’s in there, I honestly stopped reading at Pizza Dog, and decided to pre-order).

    Liked by 1 person

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