Is there a costume change for Captain Britain in Secret Wars 1? And is that Meggan?

Thanks to blog follower Mr Fiend the Captain Britain Blog has been alerted to a possible costume change for Captain Britain in Secret Wars issue 1, and a possible Meggan sighting as well.

If you want all the above to remain a mystery then please do not read any further.

Avengers 44 variant with Captain Britain

Mr Fiend drew my attention to the panel below, a preview at the back of Avengers 44 which wasn’t in the version I purchased via Comixology, but I picked up today from Forbidden Planet in Birmingham.

Secret wars 1 with Captain Britain and Meggan

So there’s Cap in his MI-13 costume, and is that Meggan next to him and if it is could she be pregnant?

Then remember this preview panel from Secret Wars 2.

Captain Britain in Secret Wars 2

I wonder now if that is that Ultimate Captain Britain, the dark hair and lack of costume covering the head seem to match, which if so would support a uniform change for the original Cap, but then there is this panel from Secret Wars issue 0 which shows Cap in his old costume.

Captain Britain in Secret wars 0

So which panel is the flashback? I’m betting on Cap in his MI-13 costume as he has currently been appearing in Time Runs Out in his ” Davis” costume, but if that panel is a flashback how does it tie into Secret Wars, and will Ultimate Captain Britain show up and confuse the matter even more?

All I can say is Secret Wars issue 0 is out this Saturday as part of free comic book day so I’m going to get up early, pop into town and try to get hold of one to provide some answers.

Please feel free to ease my state of befuddlement by submitting any thoughts you have on Cap and Secret Wars in the comments section below.

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