Captain Britain in Free Comic Book Day’s Secret Wars 0.

So today I abandoned my lie in and made my way over to Birmingham to grab some comics as part of Free Comic Book Day, my goal being to get hold of Secret Wars issue 0 as Captain Britain was in it.

Despite the cold and queues my mission was a success, and I can now report on the comic, as per usual if you wish to avoid spoilers read no further.

Free Comic Book Day Secret Wars 0 Captain Britain

For a ten page story the comic does a magnificent job of summarizing everything leading up to Secret Wars, and what the reader can expect when Secret Wars launches. Hickman uses Valeria Richards – Mr Fantastic’s daughter – as the narrator and it’s in her flashback that we see Captain Britain.

Captain Britain in Secret Wars 0

Valeria is telling her audience that hero has turned on hero due to the events of Time Runs Out which is why we see Cap in a battle royale. Now this panel is a 100% flashback to before Secret Wars, and too me seems to occur before Time Runs Out as well, that is why we see Captain Britain looking as he always did, and not the disheveled one-eyed hero we see in Time Runs Out.

So as I reported on here it seems Secret Wars 0 is hinting Captain Britain might just change costume for Secret Wars, as per the preview panel from the forthcoming series below. The reason for the change being perhaps because of the death of the Corps and as Secret Wars 0 states friend has now been pitted against friend Cap changes costume to ease his memories, or just to make a statement. who knows?

Secret wars 1 with Captain Britain and Meggan

Unless of course this panel is a flashback as well!

Anyway back to Secret wars 0, it’s hard from just one panel to tell which side Captain Britain is on, but we do know from the end of Time Runs Out that he joined the so call good guys, and is one of the last Avengers standing going into Secret Wars.

Avengers 44 with Captain Britain and the last Avengers

So there we have Secret Wars 0 in a nutshell, a great introduction but one that not surprisingly keeps all its cards close to its chest, let’s hope more is revealed once the first issue is out.

Before I go I just want to say a big thanks to Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham where I got my copy of Secret Wars 0, their free comic day event was well organised, had biscuits, lots of people dressed up and lots of kids. Despite a short wait in the cold once inside it the store kept everyone moving but made sure everyone got what they wanted, hats off to a great store .

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