Martin Freeman to play Captain Britain in Civil War movie?

So the internet lit up last night with the news that Hobbit superstar Martin Freeman has been cast in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie,  due in 2016.

Lot’s of people including myself are hoping that in the film he will be playing the role of Captain Britain, but his part has not been revealed as of yet.

Martin freeman as Captain britain

Is there any chance of this casting, well I’m not sure. Freeman is a versatile actor who has undertaken a variety of roles all to great critical acclaim, but Captain Britain? Too me his image doesn’t fit my idea of an onscreen Cap, but my thoughts are obviously comparing him to his comic book image while a film version could differ vastly to the printed page’s Cap.

Personally I think Freeman would make a great Inspector Dai Thomas, but I can’t see him turning up in Civil War somehow!

Who do you think Freeman will play in Civil War? Could it be Captain Britain? let me know in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “Martin Freeman to play Captain Britain in Civil War movie?

  1. He’d be such an ickle Cap, but he’s such a great actor it’d hard to oppose it either.

    I’d guess either a politician/civil servant/liaison type whether for Avengers, Registration or Wakanda. Or something relating to Spider-Man (like Osborn, or.. a newspaper man for both Embedded type storylines and to be a mentor to Parker).

    Obviously not Wong (cos Marvel are not ready to open that whitewashing can of worms, despite the amusement of everyone wanting it purely cos of Cumberbatch).

    I just think it’ll be a role he can pop back into, because I can’t see him being featured much in Civil War. It’s a huge cast and they already have Zemo in there as a ‘baddie’ as well as Stark and the whole civil war thingie.

    Favourite casting I saw though, which made me snort, was ‘Thor-clone’ or Goliath 🙂


    • I think you are onto something with the politician theme, perhaps prime minister or civil servant in charge of super heroes. I can’t see him as Cap but you never know.


  2. I wouldn’t imagine that he would be Captain Britain but I think he might be the villain. He usually plays nice guys and sidekicks so playing a villain would be a chance for him to do something completely different. I doubt that they’d convince him to dress up as Modok though…

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