Captain Britain in the Marvel OverPower card game

After my post showing Captain Britain in the Marvel War of Heroes online trading card; game a number of readers contacted me to say had I seen the Captain Britain cards in the old OverPower game.  I was aware of the set but didn’t own a full one, so intrigued a quick visit to Ebay soon saw me in possession of what I think is a complete set which I have now scanned for your pleasure.

First a bit of background, OverPower was a collectible trading card game by Marvel/Fleer which was launched in August 1995, Wikipedia has more on the set here if you are interested. Despite Captain Britain’s rocky popularity with Marvel he made it into the set and now you can enjoy his cards here.

Let’s start with what I call the base card which outlines Cap’s attributes.

Captain Britain Overpower hero card

Not sure who the artist is here – a sadly common theme as you will see, please comment if you have any ideas – but those stats deserve a closer look. Yes Cap’s intellect is officially recognized, and close to Mr Fantastic’s score of 8 so well done OverPower you’re off to a strong start.

Which leads me to my favorite card and inspiration for this post.

Captain Britain Overpower Physics genius card












I love this card for its recognition of Cap’s intelligence and the picture, is our heroes mind on higher things or is he simply waiting to bid on an Ebay auction at the last moment? Sadly we will never know.

Now for a card I only own as a facsimile but has two variants, first off is an image of my facsimile of which the art now decorates my mighty Captain Britain omnibus.

Captain Britain Overpower Britains champion card

my facsimile

Then a variant card of the above, art also by Alan Davis, I don’t own this I just found the image online.

Captain Britain Overpower Britains champion alternate card2

And another variant card design, this time with art by Joe Jusko. Yet again not one I own but found online.

Captain Britain Overpower Britains champion alternate card

I’m not sure if these are official variants, fan made or promo images, if you happen to know let me know via the comments.

Captain Britain Overpower Battleworthy card

I’m not sure who Cap’s victims are here or who the artist is for this card, but I do like the worn costume effect.

Captain Britain Overpower Supersonic card

A slightly off center Cap flies into action here, and is it just me or does it look like he’s wearing an apron?

Captain Britain Overpower Super Endurance card

Here Cap is down but certainly not out.

Captain Britain Overpower prodigious strength card

And lastly a determined Cap looks set to deliver a mighty punch.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Captain Britain’s OverPower cards they’re a nice quirky addition to my Captain Britain trading card collection and quite often pop up on Ebay if you fancy owning them. If you have any further details on these cards or info on the artists then please sound off in the comments below.

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