Captain Britain in Secret Wars 3 and what’s going on with Meggan?

There isn’t too much to report on Captain Britain in this weeks Secret Wars 3, but thanks to eagle-eyed Blog fan Eric we do have some interesting Meggan news for you.

So spoilers for Secret Wars and A-Force follow after the cover below, please don’t carry on reading if you’ve yet to read these books, and you don’t want their secrets spoiled.

Captain Britain in Secret Wars 3 cover

In what has become a regular pattern for Captain Britain after a Cap heavy story – See Secret Wars 2 – he vanishes in the next issue. So Secret Wars 3 just mentions the outcome of his face off against Baron Sinister.

Captain Britain in Secret Wars 3

Sadly we are spared the sight of the actual statue itself.

Now we are not aware of all the rules of Secret Wars and its Battleworlds, but not content to be Captain Britain’s wife in Higher Avalon another Meggan has also been spotted in Arcadia where the A-Force title is set, take a look at the picture below.

Meggan in A Force

While not named there is no doubt in my mind that that’s Meggan, what this means for the pregnant Meggan in Higher Avalon is unknown. Will either survive, is this Meggan a member of A-Force or is she just a bystander caught up in the action? Having a “spare” Meggan might allow Marvel to sidestep the complications for Captain Britain plot wise if he was to be a father post Secret Wars. Personally I would prefer both to survive and Cap to be caught between the two in a sit-com type comic similar to Friends – or perhaps not.

What are your thoughts on the lack of Captain Britain action this week? Are there two Meggan’s and which should survive? Let me know how you feel in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Captain Britain in Secret Wars 3 and what’s going on with Meggan?

  1. It could be an alternate version of Meggan, just like there several Thors there can be a couple of Meggans. Plus three Cap B survive the incursions (ultimate Cap, 616 Cap, and Spider Cap). Also going to the deadlands is not quite a death sentence. In the previews to marvel zombies there are survivors living in the deadlands, so Jamie might still be alive.


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