Is this why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on in Secret Wars?

As another week of Secret Wars comics comes and goes without Captain Britain I decided to re-read some old issues of Excalibur looking for interesting stories to post about. What I came across was a story that I think goes a long way to explaining why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on in Secret Wars.

Read my comments on Secret Wars 2 here if you need to bring yourself up to speed with the changes to Captain Britain first, else please continue.

The action takes place in Excalibur issue 37 from 1991, Scott Lobdell handled the script while Mark Badger provided the art. Here’s the cover.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom Excalibur 37

As you can see insanity awaits within as Dr Doom manages to trick Kitty Pryde into allowing him into the realm of Limbo where he wants to harvest the power of Promethium for his own nefarious aims.

All pretty standard super hero fare but this comic does cover a marvelous fight between Captain Britain and Dr Doom which lifts the story above what you might have expected to read.

Realizing  Dr Doom is up to no good Cap squares off against him despite Dr Doom believing himself safe.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 1

Captain Britain using his mighty arm and brain deals Doom an unexpected blow, but just how much power can Cap muster?

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 2

Quite a lot it seems as he punches Doom into orbit around Limbo, though Doom being Doom is unimpressed, in spite of the sonic boom.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 3

But Doom even with his seeming indifference seems to harbor a modicum of respect for Cap and his power.

So there we have a fine example of Captain Britain using his mighty mind and superb strength and making an impression on one of Marvel’s most arrogant foes, which is something even Reed Richards has had difficulty doing. This encounter might also explain Doom’s need for revenge against Cap which he sort in the pages of Captain Britain and MI-13’s Vampire state story.

Now I know that in Secret Wars the characters are supposed to not know what their lives were before they arrived in their new homes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Doom has worked a way around this. Which might explain his sentencing Jamie Braddock to certain death. Even if he hasn’t it’s hard to imagine such a mighty blow from Cap not lingering at the back of Doom’s mind, and fueling his anti-Braddock sentiments.

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7 thoughts on “Is this why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on in Secret Wars?

  1. Doom’s respect is hard earned and in MI13 I think there was a hint at an attraction to Meggan… a blonde who is married and is of similiar cultural heritiage to him, Meggan is both similar to Sue Storm and the Scarlett Witch, with untapped unimaginable power to boot… certainly Doom’s type…

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yup could explain a lot. Plus science wiz magic powered upper class Brian Braddock is as close to a good version of Doctor Doom as there is in Marvel, they even both have access to armies that look similar to them, one is just an interdimensional police force and the other robots… hmm… Braddock-Bots coming?

        As for lack of anything im the Secret Wars it saddens me, although did you see Al Ewings tweet when someone tweeted him stating he should write Cap B post Secret Wars? His response was “I can’t talk about post secret wars but thanks!” Which may mean nothing or may mean Cap appearing in some form (Fazia or Braddock) in somethig by Ewing… I can but hope.


      • I think all the Secret Wars stuff will spin off into ongoing titles but many will be canceled before they can get 12 issues out.

        I did see that tweet and put it up on the Facebook page, I wonder if its a case like you say of that he is protesting too much?


      • Another most interesting Tweet today… or rather another tease/possible beacon of hope/cruel prank by Tom Brevoort…

        Liked by 1 person

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