The Captain Britain news round up for June 2015. Will we see a new series soon?

Welcome to a new feature for the Captain Britain fans’ page and blog, a news and views round-up of all things Cap, for June 2015. Will we see a new Captain Britain series after Secret Wars? Just why was the Contest of Champions so crazy? Read on and find out.

June 1st

So we started the month with some bad news from Cap, as he was expunged from a Marvel Universe poster.

Read more about the now you see him and now you don’t Captain Britain here.

June 3rd

Meanwhile after a center stage performance in Secret Wars issue two, Cap and the Braddock family get glossed over in issue 3. But Meggan branches out.

Read about Cap’s off panel cameo and Meggan in A-Force here.

June 8th

Over on Facebook Cap voiced his displeasure at the start of another week.

June 10th

Luckily it wasn’t all bad, kick back with a look at some classic Cap action from 1982 when he appeared in the Contest of Champions.

Read about how Cap for once found himself paired with some marvel A-listers here.

June 11th

Over on Facebook we covered current Captain Britain and the Mighty Defender’s writer Al Ewing’s favorite heroes.

June 15th

Your monthly ahhhh factor is delivered via this picture of pint size Cap and Meggan. You’re welcome.

June 17th

Ever wondered why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on?

Administer a mighty Stplanng and click here to read more.

June 23rd

Why not take a look at my Top 5 favorite Captain Britain custom action figures.

Click here to see the surprise number one.

June 24th

Good news for digital comics fans as more Cap content comes to Comixology.

June 28th

We end the month on some interesting news, a rumour that there will be a Captain Britain ongoing series after Secret Wars.

So I hope you found that news and views round-up useful. Let me know what you think, do the fancy Facebook inserts work and how it could be improved in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “The Captain Britain news round up for June 2015. Will we see a new series soon?

  1. I got pretty excited with that Bleeding Cool rumour yesterday, as long as it’s Brian, and was pretty disappointed with all those leaked titles today. Not much to get excited about and no sign of Captain Britain.

    Although I haven’t liked the way that Hickman has handled CB this last year, it has been nice to see him used somewhat regularly.

    But I think I read that only 44 out of the 60 new titles have been revealed, so maybe there is still some hope.


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