Is this why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on in Secret Wars?

As another week of Secret Wars comics comes and goes without Captain Britain I decided to re-read some old issues of Excalibur looking for interesting stories to post about. What I came across was a story that I think goes a long way to explaining why Captain Britain and Dr Doom don’t get on in Secret Wars.

Read my comments on Secret Wars 2 here if you need to bring yourself up to speed with the changes to Captain Britain first, else please continue.

The action takes place in Excalibur issue 37 from 1991, Scott Lobdell handled the script while Mark Badger provided the art. Here’s the cover.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom Excalibur 37

As you can see insanity awaits within as Dr Doom manages to trick Kitty Pryde into allowing him into the realm of Limbo where he wants to harvest the power of Promethium for his own nefarious aims.

All pretty standard super hero fare but this comic does cover a marvelous fight between Captain Britain and Dr Doom which lifts the story above what you might have expected to read.

Realizing  Dr Doom is up to no good Cap squares off against him despite Dr Doom believing himself safe.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 1

Captain Britain using his mighty arm and brain deals Doom an unexpected blow, but just how much power can Cap muster?

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 2

Quite a lot it seems as he punches Doom into orbit around Limbo, though Doom being Doom is unimpressed, in spite of the sonic boom.

Captain Britain and Dr Doom 3

But Doom even with his seeming indifference seems to harbor a modicum of respect for Cap and his power.

So there we have a fine example of Captain Britain using his mighty mind and superb strength and making an impression on one of Marvel’s most arrogant foes, which is something even Reed Richards has had difficulty doing. This encounter might also explain Doom’s need for revenge against Cap which he sort in the pages of Captain Britain and MI-13’s Vampire state story.

Now I know that in Secret Wars the characters are supposed to not know what their lives were before they arrived in their new homes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Doom has worked a way around this. Which might explain his sentencing Jamie Braddock to certain death. Even if he hasn’t it’s hard to imagine such a mighty blow from Cap not lingering at the back of Doom’s mind, and fueling his anti-Braddock sentiments.

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Forget Star Wars sometimes you just want to see Captain Britain punch Dracula in the face.

With this weeks Avengers Time Runs Out issue being 100% Captain Britain free, and everyone discussing the new Star Wars comic I thought I might take a moment to reflect on just how great Cap is.

So from Paul Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI13 issue 15, brilliantly illustrated by Leonard Kirk comes this great two panel sequence of Captain Britain punching Dracula in the face.

First the warning

Captain Britain and Dracula

Then Kablammy straight to Dracula’s kisser.

Captain Britain punches Dracula

That’s all for now I need to get back to editing the next review for my new feature, see you soon.

Oh and for the record I quite enjoyed Marvel’s new Star Wars number one, Jason Aaron delivers a great story and John Cassady illustrates it beautifully.

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Captain Britain, Death’s Head and Marvel UK vs Dracula.

Captain Britain and MI-13 by Paul Cornell was one of the best series to star Cap and although it was sadly cut short after fifteen issues and an annual believe me it went out with a bang, as I will explain in a moment.

Now I’ve already covered the final page of that issue and its unending brilliant Britishness here and my thoughts on the spiffing ” Hell comes to Birmingham ,” story here but what I didn’t mention is that the last issue is also chockfull of great Marvel UK characters.

Here is the splash page as the Marvel UK bunch make their grand entrance to help Captain Britain deliver a solid ass kicking to Dracula and his minions.

Marvel UK Deaths head and Captain Britain vs Dracula

We have from top to bottom Dark Angel, Digitek, Tangerine and Death’s Head all ready to help Cap and MI-13 kick some vampire ass, no Motormouth though despite myself being convinced she was in this issue.

As the scan isn’t the best you might miss Death’s Head great three word announcement “Surprise appearance. Yes ? ” which pretty much summed up how I felt when I first read the comic !

More Captain Britain and Marvel UK tomorrow as I look at the time Cap met Dark Angel.

Captain Britain and the Walking Dead.

Zombies have always been popular at Halloween and other times and many comic book companies seek to exploit this with titles about the undead, Marvel Comics to make the most of the zombie cash cow hired Walking Dead scribe Robert Kirkman to create their franchise Marvel Zombies, but where does Captain Britain fit in?

Now every time a Marvel Zombies mini series hit the shelves most of Marvel’s current titles would get a zombie variant cover and Captain Britain and MI-13 was no exception as you can see below.

Captain Britain and MI13 issue 6 zombie variant.

But there is in my opinion an even better Captain Britain zombie pic from Marvel Zombies issue 2 drawn by the great artist Sean Phillips, check it out below.

zombie Captain Britain 2

What I love about this picture is that the Captain Britain zombie is patriotic enough to do his undead thing in front of Big Ben, probably in case the reader gets confused about where he is from and the Union Jack and red, white and blue costume aren’t enough of a clue.

Seriously though the first two Marvel Zombies series written by Kirkman and drawn by Phillips are a great read and if you haven’t picked them up I recommend you give them a go.

Captain Britain goes ape !

How bereft of ideas were Marvel comics in 2008 ? Well so bereft it seems that they released a mini series called Marvel Apes which re imagined all Marvel characters as monkeys. These comics were envisaged as a money-maker in the way the successful Marvel Zombies comics were but to nobodies surprise Marvel Apes quietly curled up and died without any of the formers success.

So what has this got to do with Captain Britain you might be asking, well to promote Marvel Apes a lot of Marvel titles released at that time had ape variant covers including Captain Britain and MI -13 issue 5.

Take a look at it below.

Captain Britain and MI13 ape variant

This cover means a lot to me for two reasons, firstly I imagine it as was inspired by the great UK King Kong inspired monkey movie, Konga.

Secondly up to the release of this cover I had never been a fan of variant comics often deriding them as rip offs only put out to make fans buy two, three or even more issues of the same comic. However I am a shallow man and when I found out Captain Britain variants existed then I had a road to Damascus moment and suddenly found myself asking my local comic shop for them. Variant comics ended up costing me a lot of money especially when Swamp Thing returned to the DC universe and it’s fair to say they triggered my move to digital comics but that’s another story.

Anyway I digress as I often do, what I meant to say is that this is an excellent cover and I’ll share more Captain Britain covers and variants over the coming weeks.

You have been watching – Captain Britain.

A great mainstay of seventies British sitcoms was that as the credits rolled the cast list were introduced with the phrase ” you have been watching, ” because of this as time went by these words became thoroughly British. But what has this got to do with Captain Britain you ask, well please read on and find out.

While I was re-reading the Hell comes to Birmingham story in Captain Britain and MI-13 I remembered how the sadness that this series was cancelled was offset when I read the last page of the last issue. Curious to see if the comic still had the same impact 3-4 years later I dug it out and turned to the final page.

I think its still a fantastic full page image and I’ve put it in its entirety below, have a look at a great series ending in such a British way.

cap b you have been watching

Hell comes to Birmingham.

When you read super hero comics it can be strange to find the action taking place not in the USA or London but actually in a city that is just down the road from where you live.

But that’s exactly what I found when I read Captain Britain and MI-13 issues 5 to 9 ( from 2009 written by Paul Cornell ) which is set in the city of Birmingham, which is where I work and live just outside of.

The story is a great one where the evil demon Plokta takes control of a Birmingham tower block as his first step toward world domination and uses his power to give people their heart’s desire. Plokta tempts Captain Britain with the return of his true love Meggan who sacrificed herself in the House of M event, needless to say the good Captain resists and Plokta is defeated but not before he unleashes an army of mindless ones in an attempt to bring Birmingham to its knees.

Hell comes to Birmingham as well as being a great Captain Britain story and one I recommend you read is also a comic that makes me smile for three reasons.

Firstly the action takes place in a block of flats similar to the many that litter the skyline of Birmingham and which I pass on my daily commute.

Birmingham flats

Secondly because of the title Hell comes to Birmingham, Captain Britain actually made the pages of the local news paper the Birmingham Mail.

Thirdly Paul Cornell used the storyline to bring back a great character he first introduced in his Captain Britain related mini-series Wisdom, the one and only Captain Midlands.

Captain Midlands

Captain Midlands is a grumpy old sod, a sort of more right-wing Captain America and he is all the better a character for it. Sadly the Hell comes to Birmingham storyline sees him turn against Captain Britain and MI-13 and the finale sees him in prison offered suicide as a way to avoid disgrace. Paul Cornell leaves Captain Midlands fate hanging and I for one would like to hope he repented and is still out there fighting crime and moaning about it at the same time.