Martin Freeman to play Captain Britain in Civil War movie?

So the internet lit up last night with the news that Hobbit superstar Martin Freeman has been cast in Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie,  due in 2016.

Lot’s of people including myself are hoping that in the film he will be playing the role of Captain Britain, but his part has not been revealed as of yet.

Martin freeman as Captain britain

Is there any chance of this casting, well I’m not sure. Freeman is a versatile actor who has undertaken a variety of roles all to great critical acclaim, but Captain Britain? Too me his image doesn’t fit my idea of an onscreen Cap, but my thoughts are obviously comparing him to his comic book image while a film version could differ vastly to the printed page’s Cap.

Personally I think Freeman would make a great Inspector Dai Thomas, but I can’t see him turning up in Civil War somehow!

Who do you think Freeman will play in Civil War? Could it be Captain Britain? let me know in the comments below.

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Have Marvel forgotten to announce the Captain Britain Movie?

With all the latest film news from Marvel causing a lot of excitement fans of Captain Britain are wandering when it will announced that the popular UK hero will get the movie treatment. Sadly it seems Cap isn’t on Marvel’s movie radar and he might never grace the silver screen, even though his story and character would appeal to superhero film fans worldwide.

But why is there no chance of a Captain Britain film being made, and what are the supposed barriers that are stopping it?

Join me now for a look at why a Cap film could just be the next Hollywood blockbuster, and how the alleged barriers to its completion are nothing that can’t be easily overcome.

Before we get into the article take time to appreciate this imaginary Captain Britain film poster from DubiousAJ.

Captain Britain Movie poster

The first major barrier to be overcome for a Captain Britain movie and one I commonly encounter is people saying just how will a UK super hero movie appeal to non-Brits? This always makes me quite confused as to me it’s like saying Europeans wouldn’t watch a Captain America movie because they are not American, whereas cinematic history proves that people will not ignore a film just because it doesn’t primarily feature heroes from their native country. Other UK heroes such as Blade, Robin Hood, Thunderbirds and many more have had international appeal, so I feel it’s wrong to say a Captain Britain film would only appeal to a UK audience.

The next barrier to a decent Cap film is just what would the plot be and how much respect should it pay to the original source material? I discussed some of this here in my previous thoughts on a Captain Britain move and re-reading the article I find myself still of the same view in that source material should be honoured but should never stand in the way of a good story.

Take for example the origin of Captain Britain, all good super hero movies to me have to start with a solid origin story and often this is linked into the main plot of the film, like the Joker killing Batman’s parents and starting him onto the path of caped crusader. Captain Britain’s origin is a double-edged sword in that it successfully propels him into being a believable hero but its roots are firmly wedged in UK folklore which may not be easily digested by all who got to see the film. Here is where the filmmakers shouldn’t be afraid to tone down Cap’s origin if they feel its heavy UK flavour might be off-putting, I personally wouldn’t change a single line of dialogue but sometimes if you want your hero in a movie you have to accept minor changes.

Avengers Movie poster with Captain Britain

Captain Britain in the Avengers by DubiousAJ

The last barrier to a Captain Britain movie is the casting, as superhero films live or die based on which actor dons the spandex of the hero and who fills the villain’s boots. Hollywood likes big names to draw in audiences and increase box office revenue, but would Marvel take that risk with a Captain Britain movie, or if it had a relatively low-budget could they even afford to cast someone famous? Previously I have been in favour of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Captain Britain and I still hold by this view-point, though I think David Tennant could give him a run for his money as well. All I know is Captain Britain needs an actor who understands the character and as long as they can do a passable English accent it doesn’t matter if the are from the UK or not, the lines could always be dubbed over afterwards just so we don’t get Dick Van Dyke instead of Brian Braddock.

Hell, people are even calling for Stephen Fry to take the role thanks to this picture.

Stephen Fry as Captain Britain drinks tea

Though I agree with @MothTwiceborn in that he would make a better Merlyn.

So there you have it my thoughts on how a Captain Britain movie could easily be the next big Marvel success. Would you like to see a Cap movie, who do you think should direct or star in it and what plot from Cap’s past might make a good film?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Making the Captain Britain movie.

British comic book characters have never fared I feel well when reimagined by Hollywood, John Constantine, V and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen all spring to mind as “great Britons,” shamefully redone as pale cinema shadows of what made them great in the first place.

The film treatment of these comics worries me whenever I think about there ever being a Captain Britain movie and I shiver at the thought of a comic with an amazing history being made and cast on the cheap to make a quick buck.

However when David Keeler on Facebook asked me if I knew any Captain Britain movie news I gritted my teeth and started to do some internet investigation, I quickly discovered that apart from a lot of opinion pieces there is no firm news that any Captain Britain film is being made.

So if there is no news I thought why not make some up, so I’m going to write, cast and do everything else movie wise to come up with what I think will be the perfect Captain Britain movie.

So the most important question is who would I cast as Captain Britain ?

Well this was an easy choice, I feel Benedict Cumberbatch would shine in the role as he is an actor who excels in what ever role he undertakes making him perfect to star as Captain Britain and his alter ego Brian Braddock.

Benedict Cumberbatch

As to what Mr Cumberbatch would wear from Captain Britain’s many costumes I feel the simple yet effective design from his MI-13 adventures would work best.


Sadly when it comes to the female lead I don’t think there is room for Captain Britain’s wife Meggan in the movie as another superhero who isn’t a villain will take the spotlight away from Cap. Because of this I’m choosing business woman, banker and Brian Braddock’s occasional girlfriend Courtney Ross as my choice for the film’s love interest/main female lead.

Courtney Ross

As for who could fill such big shoes I’m going to choose Sophie Myles former Dr Who star and all round talented actress whose impressive TV and film CV make her a natural for the role.


As to who Captain Britain will be pitted against because I’m ” making,” this film and money is no object I’m going to have three villains torment, fight and generally annoy our hero. The first villain the film needs is Joshua Stragg or The Reaver as he is known, Stragg is needed simply because he is the baddie responsible for the chain of events that caused Brian Braddock to become Captain Britain and I like super hero movies to open with the hero’s origin.

Joshua Stragg

Stragg will be found to be a pawn of the second villain mad M.P. Jim Jaspers, whose plans to rid Britain of super heroes will involve the third villain ( if you can call them that, ) the ultimate fighting machine known only as the Fury.

Jasper and The Fury

I fancy casting Ewan McGregor as Stragg, Sylvester McCoy as Jaspers and CGI for the Fury, all should work well, sorry but there is no room for pictures here as this post is getting a bit image heavy !

Plot wise it should be obvious from my choice of villains I want to make the fabulous Captain Britain story, ” Jaspers’ Warp, ” but perhaps with less heroes than in the original story and Cap’s origin thrown in. Why ” Jaspers’ Warp , ” well simply because it has every single element a super hero film needs: it contains comedy, tragedy, pathos and everything in between, also as it was written by talented UK scribe Alan Moore we know the characterization for Captain Britain will be spot on.

So there we go my version of the Captain Britain movie, let me know what your think in the comments and if Hollywood comes calling I’m happy to pitch in a consulting role.

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