Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders. If you only buy one Secret Wars comic make sure it’s this one

When Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders was announced a lot of Cap fans myself included were excited by the idea but disappointed not to see the original Captain Britain in his own Secret Wars title. Since then we’ve had Secret Wars issue 2 and fans are now uncertain if they are glad their wish came true or not.

Anyway now Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders issue one is finally here I can honestly say it’s a great read and fills the original Captain Britain gap so well I think fans are going to be disappointed it’s a limited series. Why is it so good ? My full thoughts follow the cover image, beware they contain spoilers. So if you haven’t read Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders yet do yourself a favor and get hold of a copy, read it and then come back. You won’t regret it!

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders cover issue 1

Mighty Defenders opens with an interesting twist on Marvel history and Ewing continues to entertain throughout issue 1. The cast is well introduced, with Ewing never straying too far from the action and he also brings an interesting sub plot to the title as characters seem to remember their pre Secret Wars identities in mini flashback sequences, that added a nice extra dimension to the story. And what a great story it is.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Fazia Hussain enters

Faiza is lost, adrift almost in time and space. She also remembers her life before Secret Wars, which we see in this nice flashback panel.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Fazia Hussain remembers Captain Britain

Seeking refuge in Yinsen City, Faiza’s actions violate the laws of Dr Doom who in an act of petty revenge destroys the peace by allowing Yinsen’s despotic neighbour, Mondo City, to invade. Which they proceed to do quickly and in style.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders look at all my guns

Faiza and the Defenders of Yinsen City are quick to retaliate, in a great tightly paced action sequence that Davis illustrates magnificently. But just when things are going well….

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Fazia Hussain in action

Faiza is laid low by a sneaky telekinetic attack from this Battleworld’s version of Emma Frost and the issue ends with her captive but defiant.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Fazia Hussain in trouble

That’s a great  looking panel and I was going to discuss the art in detail. However after some thought all there is to say is Alan Davis draws the hell out of this story and it all looks bloody gorgeous. On top of this great art when you then add in Mark Farmer’s inks and Wil Quintana’s colours you get a really rather lovely looking book.

So if you only pick up one Secret Wars title I certainly recommend this one. It has a cracking story, marvelous art and will keep you gripped from cover to cover. I’ve tried to not reveal all the surprises and great extras that pepper the book as I hope as you encounter them as I did they will bring a smile to your face and make you just want to read more.

Have you read Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders yet? Do you agree or disagree with my review? Why not let me know in the comments section below.

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