The top 5 most original Captain Britain custom action figures

There’s a lot of very talented people out there making custom action figures of Captain Britain, and today we’re going to highlight five of these creators and their work. People who were not content to make standard Cap figures, but went that one step further to produce some great original action figures.

Let’s start with a great take on Cap, one that shows him without his mask.

Cap brit no mask resize

Designed and built by Mat’s Customs, I love the perfect capture of Brian Braddock with his marvelous coiffure.

Next is a figure I’ve featured before but which always impresses me with its level of detail, zombie Captain Britain.


He really looks fierce, and is that the remnants of Nightcrawler he’s holding ?

Next up is a great retro figure.

CaptainBritain mego

From Troy Younger comes a Mego Cap which imagines how he might have looked had he been released as an action figure in the Seventies.

I’m not sure what this figure represents so I’ve called it medieval Cap.

medieval captain britain

From toycutter I love Cap’s shield and sword plus the figure seems bulkier almost as if that’s armour Cap is wearing.

The last figure now and I believe I’ve saved the best til last.


From Jodi Moisan via the John Byrne forum comes this fantastic My Little Pony Captain Britain which I think is marvelous.

So there you have five original Captain Britain custom figures which celebrate the amazing talents of his fans. Which is your favourite ? Do you own any custom Captain Britain figures? Let me know in the comments below.

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