If there’s ever a Marvel Now Captain Britain relaunch then hire this artist

It’s disappointing for Captain Britain fans that in the masses of Marvel Now relaunches there is sadly no sign of any new Cap comic.

Luckily to help Cap fans get over this, talented fan artist Ben Wilsonham has produced his version of a Captain Britain relaunch cover, and what a cracker it is.

Captain Britain relaunch cover

Utterly glorious I’m sure you will agree, from the costume to the clever use of red, white and blue and how Cap is exploding out of the UK. I feel Wilsonham has produced a cover that would really stand out on comic book store shelves, in a similar way that any cover by the talented Brian Bolland screams ” buy me, buy me.”

If you enjoyed this cover then why not check out Ben Wilsonham’s homepage which can be found here. Maybe we can even persuade him to release a print – who knows.

What do you think of this Captain Britain cover ? Do you know of any great Captain britain fan art ? If you do please post a link in the comments below.