What do you get a Captain Britain fan for Christmas?

As I type this Christmas is drawing ever closer and there are important decisions to be made, such as what do you get a Captain Britain fan for Xmas?

Well worry no more I’ve scanned the internet – well eBay – to bring you my top five gift ideas for the Cap fan in your life, so let’s get started.

First off why not start with a practical gift but also one that will let a Cap fan proudly show their allegiance to Marvel’s greatest hero – a t-shirt.

Official Captain Britain t shirt tattoos not included

This one doesn’t come with tattoos but the classic Alan Davis Cap pose looks great.

Captain Britain does the time warp t shirt

I’m not too sure about this one however, looks like Cap’s doing the time warp, let’s move quickly on.

How about some original Captain Britain art? This Herb Trimpe page from Captain Britain issue 21 is going for about two hundred pounds.

Herb Trimpe Captain Britain original artwork

It’s a nice scene as well with Captain Britain revealing his identity to his friends.

Too expensive? How about some giant but cheap Cap wall art.

Captain britain wall art

Twelve pounds could get you this  65″ x 24″ glossy heavy paper poster of Captain Britain, why you might choose to stick it over your bed is anyones guess, but it does look great.

Last but by no means least is the hugely desirable but quite expensive Walmart exclusive Captain Britain action figure.

Marvel Legends Captain Britain

The figure comes with an exclusive comic – actually an Excalibur reprint – and a piece of Giant Man’s leg; this beauty often goes for upwards of thirty pounds not including postage. Sure you can buy it cheaper out of the box but that’s not how I like my action figures, but I’m a fussy sort!

So what Captain Britain gifts do you want for Christmas? Let Santa know in the comments below.

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My mysterious Captain Britain badge.

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of Captain Britain merchandise and I’m proud to say I know the history of every piece I own, except one.

Captain Britain badge

This is a Captain Britain badge from the seventies but who made it, what it was given away with and anything else about it are to me complete unknowns, all I know is it’s a great badge and I bought it off Ebay for next to nothing.

So if you know anything about this badge please let me know in the comments section and if the history of this great piece is revealed I will share it all here.