Captain Britain spotted in Marvel Line-Up poster, then he vanishes.

While I was browsing the Bleeding Cool comic book news website I was struck by an article which included an official poster of Marvel’s 2015 superhero line up.

Why was I drawn to the poster? Well, I was interested to see if Captain Britain makes the line-up, and to my surprise there he was. See if you can spot him in the poster below.

Captain Britain in Marvel 2015 line up

What do you mean you can’t see him, click the image to enlarge it or check out the poster below.

Captain Britain in Marvel 2015 line up 2

So when the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are removed from the poster due to Marvel film rights shenanigans Cap will be safe won’t he?

Here’s the altered poster.

Captain Britain in Marvel 2015 line up 3

Click to enlarge, but I’m certain Cap has been removed from the altered poster. Why? Well it’s either because he’s in the X-Men movie or Marvel just forgot to put him back in? Me I’m betting on the latter.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the article that inspired this post.

Oh well it was nice to see Captain Britain proudly but briefly taking his place alongside the rest of the Marvel heroes. Maybe he’s still there, I mean I wear glasses so I might have missed him hiding behind Moon Knight’s cape or is he being blocked by Ego the living planet? If you can spot him in the altered poster please let me know so my faith in the Marvel merchandising department can be restored.

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