Captain Britain at Wimbledon. The joyful insanity that is Spidey Super Stories 32.

Did you know that in 1978 Captain Britain appeared at Wimbledon or as it was known then Wimbleton? Did you know that at the hallowed tennis club he joined Spider-Man in a tennis match against Dr Octopus? No? Well all of this happened in Spidey Super Stories issue 32, let me tell you about it.

Before we start I must confess I only found out about this story in the last twenty-four hours and I am indebted to followers of the Captain Britain fans’ page and blog Facebook page, in particular Janet Black for bringing this piece of Captain Britain madness to my attention. This story is so great it would be rude not to share it with my readers but first a bit of background

Started in the Seventies Spidey Super Stories was a comic spin-off from the TV show of the same name. Issue 32 saw Spidey team up with Captain Britain in a rather topical adventure set at the Wimbledon/Wimbleton tennis tournament. For those who like the facts this story was written by Jim Salicrup and penciled by Win Mortimer, it was published in March 1978.

Please enjoy the story as it appeared so many years ago below, apologies for the quality of the scans they are taken from YouTube.

Cap attempts to foil a heist by Doc Ock. You have got to love those old fashioned bank bags full of coins, so impractical.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 2

Spidey in London for various reasons joins in, only for there to be the usual mix up. I love the last panel here with the “SOCK” as Cap brains Spidey.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 3

Aunt May is dragged into the fight as Doc Ock uses her as a hostage to get to Wimbledon/ Wimbleton. At no time is it explained why Aunt May has a flower pot on her head but moving on.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 4

Cap and Spidey team up and head after him, despite the petty name calling. Flag face indeed!

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 5

Doc Ock shows he’s certainly not going to play fair.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 6

Armed with a web bat and staff Captain Britain and Spidey challenge Doc Ock. Gotta love those super mustaches on the Wimbleton judges.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 7

And Doc Ock reveals his true motives, stealing the Wimbledon/Wimbleton prize money.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 8

Luckily with a combination of web and force field Cap and Spidey stop the nefarious villain.

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 9

And with Aunt May rescued by Spider-Woman, Doc Ock is marched off to jail

Super Spidey stories 32 Captain Britain 10

I’m for once lost for words, this one-off story is so mad and marvelous in its insanity. I love the idea that Captain Britain appeared at Wimbledon/Wimbleton, I love the idea Doc Ock is good at tennis simply because he has so many arms and I love the fact Cap uses his brains and force field to capture the Doc.

I’m not sure why Wimbledon is renamed Wimbleton, I mean it was only in 1977 that Cap faced off against the Queen and Marvel didn’t see fit to change anything then so why Wimbledon’s name was altered is beyond me?

Apparently I’m informed this isn’t Cap’s only appearance in Spidey Super Stories and I have an eBay order out for another wild tale. If your interested in this series why not check out Robin Barnard and his talented friends excellent parodies of these comics on Facebook. Check it out here.

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