Have Marvel forgotten to announce the Captain Britain Movie?

With all the latest film news from Marvel causing a lot of excitement fans of Captain Britain are wandering when it will announced that the popular UK hero will get the movie treatment. Sadly it seems Cap isn’t on Marvel’s movie radar and he might never grace the silver screen, even though his story and character would appeal to superhero film fans worldwide.

But why is there no chance of a Captain Britain film being made, and what are the supposed barriers that are stopping it?

Join me now for a look at why a Cap film could just be the next Hollywood blockbuster, and how the alleged barriers to its completion are nothing that can’t be easily overcome.

Before we get into the article take time to appreciate this imaginary Captain Britain film poster from DubiousAJ.

Captain Britain Movie poster

The first major barrier to be overcome for a Captain Britain movie and one I commonly encounter is people saying just how will a UK super hero movie appeal to non-Brits? This always makes me quite confused as to me it’s like saying Europeans wouldn’t watch a Captain America movie because they are not American, whereas cinematic history proves that people will not ignore a film just because it doesn’t primarily feature heroes from their native country. Other UK heroes such as Blade, Robin Hood, Thunderbirds and many more have had international appeal, so I feel it’s wrong to say a Captain Britain film would only appeal to a UK audience.

The next barrier to a decent Cap film is just what would the plot be and how much respect should it pay to the original source material? I discussed some of this here in my previous thoughts on a Captain Britain move and re-reading the article I find myself still of the same view in that source material should be honoured but should never stand in the way of a good story.

Take for example the origin of Captain Britain, all good super hero movies to me have to start with a solid origin story and often this is linked into the main plot of the film, like the Joker killing Batman’s parents and starting him onto the path of caped crusader. Captain Britain’s origin is a double-edged sword in that it successfully propels him into being a believable hero but its roots are firmly wedged in UK folklore which may not be easily digested by all who got to see the film. Here is where the filmmakers shouldn’t be afraid to tone down Cap’s origin if they feel its heavy UK flavour might be off-putting, I personally wouldn’t change a single line of dialogue but sometimes if you want your hero in a movie you have to accept minor changes.

Avengers Movie poster with Captain Britain

Captain Britain in the Avengers by DubiousAJ

The last barrier to a Captain Britain movie is the casting, as superhero films live or die based on which actor dons the spandex of the hero and who fills the villain’s boots. Hollywood likes big names to draw in audiences and increase box office revenue, but would Marvel take that risk with a Captain Britain movie, or if it had a relatively low-budget could they even afford to cast someone famous? Previously I have been in favour of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Captain Britain and I still hold by this view-point, though I think David Tennant could give him a run for his money as well. All I know is Captain Britain needs an actor who understands the character and as long as they can do a passable English accent it doesn’t matter if the are from the UK or not, the lines could always be dubbed over afterwards just so we don’t get Dick Van Dyke instead of Brian Braddock.

Hell, people are even calling for Stephen Fry to take the role thanks to this picture.

Stephen Fry as Captain Britain drinks tea

Though I agree with @MothTwiceborn in that he would make a better Merlyn.

So there you have it my thoughts on how a Captain Britain movie could easily be the next big Marvel success. Would you like to see a Cap movie, who do you think should direct or star in it and what plot from Cap’s past might make a good film?

Let me know in the comments below.

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46 thoughts on “Have Marvel forgotten to announce the Captain Britain Movie?

  1. I’ve always assumed that they’re not ready to risk a full movie for Captain Britain. If I had to do something to introduce him, or British heroes in general, I’d probably pick up the current Agents of Shield plot thread and make the agents lean on their British counterparts a bit. The power levels they allow on the show would work just fine for bringing in Pete Wisdom or Union Jack, or my personal favorite, Captain Midlands. Although now that I think of it, their treatment of Thor and the Asgardians as having technology so advanced it seems like magic would be a fine narrative for Captain Britain. I also personally wouldn’t mind a BBC weekly version of Captain Britain, something in line with the last couple of Doctor Who series. With Marvel pairing up with Netflix to produce original content, maybe they could be persuaded to team up with the BBC, maybe with some episodes written by Paul Cornell?

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  2. I as a ‘Murcan and a patriot would LOVE a Captain Britain. I personally think it should be Matt Stokoe. I would love the physical dynamic between him and Chris Evans considering that Stokoe is more wiry in build. Evans may be a little bigger but Stokoe is def faster. CA is earnest but CB is honorable. It would be an excellent dynamic to play off of.


  3. I would personally love to see Richard Armitage as Cap Brit, but he did already play the Hydra spy in Captain America. I’ve heard some people mention Jason Statham, which could also be cool. If they do end up making this film, I actually really hope they don’t go with Bumblebee Crumpetsnatch because as much as I love Sherlock, he already has far too much of a cult of personality to be going on with.


      • Breki was suggesting Statham on Twitter yesterday (thus me tagging you). I don’t think I’d like him in the role – not sure he has that ‘intelligent’ side (and he acts great in non-action roles, I just watched ‘London’ and he’s amazing in it). Dunno who I would cast though, as you know, I vacillate. Physically I think Charlie Hunnam (but that might be blonde and beardy look), Richard Armitage would work for me.. and well, there’s a bunch of actors who could do it tbh!


  4. I just wonder who the movie rights of the Cap belong to. Is it Fox due to his many adventures with Xmen characters or is it Marvel. I personally believe it should belong to Columbia pictures so we can see Spidey and the Brit collide!


  5. they should just do what is right for the character. I am a die hard captain Britain fan or union jack which ever you prefer.
    What marvel should do is cast him in an avengers film which in all honesty isn’t far off as he was added to the avengers to catch thor when he went rogue….maybe by casting him into the avengers films they open up the market for a film solely based on the character as they did with thor and captain America.. there are many villians in the captain Britain comics so why not add a few alliances in an avengers film to open up there options…. its basically james bond in spandex… wasn’t james bond world wide ?


  6. well if marvel are following the original lines captain brit was in avengers alliance and should be in the near future as they created the avengers films in story order so therefore if marvel do release another avengers. they cant justify not adding him. even only casting him for a few mins in a film as sort of an extra with a few lines or at the end of the next avengers film have thor turning.surely this opens up the market and of course who made his excaliber ……tony stark stark industries . so somewhere along the line casting him into a movie is a must. but its whether marvel will actually warrant using the thor turning villain as a means to produce the film we are all dying to see.. marvel you produced the character so produce the film. marvel is as big here as it is in most countries. check the cinema ratings

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  8. I think a Cap B movie would have appeal – I think subconsciously Britain is still on a lot of people’s radars – The Commonwealth, whilst now a global partnership between all member nations as it should be – originated in Britain and there are currently 2.2 billion citizens as part of it. Read the Commonwealth’s charter and you’ve got a list of things Cap B would defend all the way.


  9. I personaly would love to see a cap b movie but he would need to be introduced with the inhumans or the avengers and reckon tom hardy would be a good name to throw in.
    There must also be a way to introduce psylocke into the genre.


  10. Get Statham (over-dubbed if he cant change his accent lol) or Fastbender in there! i would LOVE cpt britain to get in the avengers!


  11. I’m hoping they introduce Captain Britain into the MCU before they get to the Skrull Invasion plot line, His death and every Brit feeling it in their hearts is such a powerful scene in the comics

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  12. How about Idris Elba?
    Clive Owen?
    Andrew Lincoln (if he gets bored with zombies)
    Or Andrew Scott, the guy who played Moriarty? (He can do an English accent if needed)
    Peter Serafinowicz (though he was in GotG)
    Or Neville from Harry Potter?
    David Coulthard – can’t act, but his jaw would be brilliant on any comic book hero.
    Or how about Chris Evans (the Ginger version – just for jokes+extreme contrast between CapA/B)


  13. Hi I just looked at the line up for X men apocalypse and whose name jumped out PSYLOCKE who if memory serves is Betsy Braddock Sister to Brian and Jamie Brian being Captain Britain is this a hint to him being introduced via the Uncanny X men ?

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