The Captain Britain blog celebrates its 100th post

Today is a day of celebration for the Captain Britain Blog as this is the site’s one hundredth post. Yes I am aware it has taken over a year to get to this point, but as I look back at the blog’s history you’ll see why it took so long.

Captain Britain Blog 100th birhtday

The blog launched in June 2013 just as Marvel comics decided to “kill” Captain Britain in their Age of Ultron event. This set the tone for the blog to alternate between happy posts and ones which went into detail on the poor treatment of Captain Britain past and present. Sadly all my Captain Britain negativity got to me and in August 2013 I decide to take a short break to recharge my batteries, some break, I finally relaunched the site in July 2014.The relaunch was an immediate success due to the sites fans helping promote it and visiting figures are now double and even triple compared to when the site launched.

Anyway enough navel gazing lets take a look behind the scenes at the blog’s stats, and see how the site has been doing since it celebrated its fiftieth post.

The first stat of interest is about the site’s visitors, as despite this being a blog about a British superhero it welcomes visitors from across the world from Vietnam to Venezuela and China to Croatia.

But how do these visitors find the site in the first place? Well after Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other people posting links a lot of the site’s traffic comes from Google searches. However some of these searches don’t really seem to be about Captain Britain but the internet throws the traffic this way. Here are some of the more odder search terms that bring people to the blog.

Sophia Myles legs

Sophia Myles See thru

Sophia Myles transparen


The delectable Sophia Myles doing none of the above.

Hmmm those search terms have a bit of an odd trend there, let’s quickly move on to some more….

Japanese funny swimwear,

Scottish independence comic Loch Ness,

Betsy Braddock tied up,

Blimey it’s got worse. OK, the site doesn’t get the majority of its readers through these terms I just thought they were funny, and I wonder what the person who typed them felt when this blog popped up!

So once here what do people like to read? Well when the site celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary the most popular post was about last years Marvel UK revival, now it’s the post about my views on why we need a Captain Britain movie.

Avengers Movie poster with Captain Britain

The Avengers 2 line up we all want

Other popular posts folks like to read include another one I wrote about how I would cast a Captain Britain movie, which is where the Sophie Myles searches end up, and this Captain Britain quiz from the Seventies about flags.

While we’re on the subject of posts I still need help to solve the mystery of where my Captain Britain badge originates from. Or you could read what is the funniest and cleverest Captain Britain cameo – in my opinion.

Looking to the future for the blog I plan to keep writing about Captain Britain until I run out of news and ideas, and given that Cap is currently taking center stage in Time Runs Out this might not be for some time. I may if bereft of Cap ideas review other comics that I think may interest readers, but there again I may not, that idea is still on the back-burner.

If you have any Captain Britain news send me a link via twitter @skaggypoet or post it on the Facebook wall of the Captain Britain Blog. You never know depending on what it is I may write a post about it – and I always credit the source!

Also if you write about or draw Cap and want to be featured on the blog in a post like this, then please do the same thing.

Anyway it only remains for me to thank my readers for supporting the blog, thanks for all the retweets, repins and Facebook shares you have so generously provided. Here’s to the next fifty posts and hoping that they come around a lot quicker this time.

To keep up with all the posts on this blog you can follow The Captain Britain Blog on Facebook, or on Pinterest, or subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the link top right


2 thoughts on “The Captain Britain blog celebrates its 100th post

  1. Congratulations on your one hundredth post. I’m a bit late to the party but you’ve got a great blog here that will have me entertained and commenting on for the next couple of days as I catch up.

    It’s great to finally find a place where my love of Captain Britain is shared with others. Captain Britain is my favourite super-hero and has been for many years (second favourite is Ant-Man, bit of a contrast) and despite his ups and downs through various good and bad creative teams I’ve never lost the love.

    Thanks for the work you’re putting in here.


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