Marvel’s Tom Brevoort talks Captain Britain and New Avengers 30

In an interview on the Marvel website, Marvel Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort has let slip some information about Captain Britain in the current Avenger’s event, Time Runs Out, due to take place in New Avengers 30.

Spoilers after picture…

Time Runs out


It seems in New Avengers 30 due soon we shall learn the fate of The Captain Britain Corps and maybe what happend to Cap’s eye. Check out the cover below.

Captain Britain New Avengers 30

This looks like a great Cap issue coming up and you can keep up to date with Time Runs Out and other Captain Britain news by following The Captain Britain Blog on Facebook, on Pinterest, or subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the link top right.


4 thoughts on “Marvel’s Tom Brevoort talks Captain Britain and New Avengers 30

    • I love the cover too. I’ve covered the whole of Cap’s appearances so far in Time Runs Out so you can read back and see if it takes your fancy to get the issues leading upto New Avengers 30


  1. That’s a pretty awesome cover. I still don’t like the beard and eye patch thing, and I’m not a real big fan of Hickman’s writing, but it’s good to see Captain Britain getting a high profile in the current storyline.


    • I’m certain there will be a continuity reset at the end of Time Runs Out and Cap will be restored to normal, if he isn’t then someone will sort him out at some point I hope.


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