Just a bit of redecorating

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you I have changed the name of the site to The Captain Britain fan’s page and blog. Why? Well, I just thought the new name was more inviting and I feel the site is more than a blog now and thought I should make changes to that effect.

At the same time I thought I might change the banner as well as it’s nearly two years old and getting a bit wrinkly, saying that I’m not too taken with the new one so that might change soon to something based on the image below.

Captain britain logo


So there’s nothing more to say except it it fan’s page or fans page? My English is terrible.

You can keep up to date with all the Captain Britain news and views fit to print by likingThe Captain Britain fan’s page and Blog on Facebook, or on Pinterest, or subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the link top right. Already following the site on Facebook ? Well you can still help by liking and sharing the blogs posts, thanks in advance. You can also email the site with news, feature ideas or whatever is on your mind at captainbritainblog@gmail.com

Facebook followers not only get the regular posts but extra content I dredge from the site’s archives or I find as I trawl the internet.


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