The Captain Britain Fans’ page and Blog Closes.

UPDATE the Captain Britain Facebook page is still open.



It’s with a heavy heart that today my Captain Britain Blog closes its doors for good. The last two years – on and off – that I’ve spent writing about Cap and his marvelous world has been fun but now it’s time to bring it all to an end.

Captain Britain joins secret avengers 1

Why? Well I simply don’t have the time to write about Cap anymore, or trace down news on him. The reason for this lack of time is my unexpected success in writing poetry, my book is doing well – for an amateur self published effort – and I want to spend more time performing and writing poems so something has to give and that something is this blog.

So I’m not going to prevaricate or waffle, it was a great time but now I’m moving on. Thanks to all the supporters, retweeters, news hounds and commenters. Thanks to Avengers UK for the support and allowing me to write a comic with them and the talented Pete Jones.

Even if Cap does come back – and I hope he does – I’m going to leave that to someone else to write about and I bet there will be plenty of you.

So long and thanks,


Still blogging and writing poems here



19 thoughts on “The Captain Britain Fans’ page and Blog Closes.

  1. Thanks for telling us, Richard. I was wondering why we hadn’t bad a post for some time.
    Anyway, I understand and would like to wish you every success with your poetry books in the future.
    I just make one last request, – PLEASE leave this blog on WordPress for future perusal.
    John Pitt.


      • Hello sir.

        Just thought I’d let you know that there were actually 3 Captain Britain Jigsaws produced in the 70’s. I have all three, complete and in pretty much mint condition considering their age. The last one was of Cap and the Hurricane, again, but this time Cap is dodging a petrol truck being thrown at him.



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