So what’s the Captain Britain connection in this weeks Amazing Spider-Man?

In this weeks Amazing Spider-Man issue 7 Marvel finally reveal Spider-UK, and his connection to Captain Britain and the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Spider-UK Marvel have previously revealed is part of the build up to the Spider-Verse event called Edge of Spider-Verse. Spider-Verse is all about Spider-Villain Morlun and his group of evil side kicks called The Inheritors who have set out to kill every single iteration of Spider-Man that exists across the Marvel multiverse. Edge of Spider-Verse is a series of stories introducing us to many of the alternate versions of Spider-Man who will be fighting back.

Warning spoilers about Amazing Spider-Man issue 7 follow straight after the picture.

spider uk


Spider-UK aka Billy Braddock exists on Earth 833 where sensing a disturbance in the omniverse he detects Morlun’s evil scheme. Being a decent chap Billy won’t sit back and with the help of Lady Roma is given the power to cross dimensional boundaries to aid Spider-Man.

If all this sounds a bit short then it’s because Spider-UK is only an 8 page back-up story in Amazing Spider-Man, and at the end we are promised more of him in Spider-Verse when the main event starts soon.

Amazing SPider Man 7 Spider UK

As the story is only 8 pages long it’s hard to make any detailed comment other than I like the idea of a version of Spider-Man also being a member of the Captain Britain Corps. I’m also secretly hoping he might meet Captain Britain on his travels, and I’m sure Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott could do such a scene justice.

Interestingly last week  I tried to dissect the preview images from Amazing Spider-Man 7 and got it all wrong, which you can read about here.

I’ll keep a look out for more on Spider-UK and report on how he fares in Spider-Verse when he appears.

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