There’s something not quite right with my Captain Britain action figure. Now Updated

So there goes Captain Britain off to fight crime armed with his mighty sword Excalibur and ever ready with his personal rocket launcher to blast villains to kingdom come.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of this version of Captain Britain, he does exist honest look here’s a picture of him.

Captain Britain Captain America figure

OK so this Captain Britain is an action figure but he is quite an odd one who came out on the back of the recent Captain America movie, even though I believe he actually isn’t in the film. I’m not sure why Marvel wanted to release this figure ( apart from the hope that it might make a quick buck, ) but I always like to see Captain Britain on toy shop shelves so I’m not going to complain.

However it gets weirder as Marvel not happy with just one unrelated Captain Britain action figure decided to release a variant, to get one you needed to go to KMart where you could pick up an exclusive Captain Britain variant pack, here he is still armed with Excalibur and wearing something that looks like his MI-13 costume.

Captain Britain KMart exclusive

I like both figures despite the fact they bear little resemblance to the Captain Britain of the comics and I can still remember my feeling of pleasant surprise when I found the standard action figure on the shelves of my local Forbidden Planet. Like I said earlier any Captain Britain product on shelves will always be a win for me, rocket launcher or not.


I’ve found the inspiration for the Kmart Captain Britain, have a look at this panel from Exiles 44 from May 2004.

Alternate timeline Cap in Exiles

Check out the alternate timeline Cap he’s almost the exact image of his Kmart counterpart and armed with Excalibur, OK it might not be Cap ( but I’m guessing it is with the alternate Meggan also present,) as the team is called the Invaders which usually saw Union Jack as a member but it’s close enough, now I just need to find out where that rocket launcher came from.


8 thoughts on “There’s something not quite right with my Captain Britain action figure. Now Updated

  1. That really is an odd one. The MI13 costume, but the Davis helmet. A bit of an amalgam at best.

    I own the Captain America movie figure. I *think* there was a Union Jack figure attached to that line, also. Was never sure exactly *why* Cap comes with the highly authentic Rocket Launcher, but I suppose it’s better to have a Captain Britain figure out there than not.


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